Meant To Be

Kennedy turned 16. The year where her parents kick her out of their home so that she can learn to live by herself. Kennedy had nothing except her suitcase and backpack. Not even enough money to buy a decent meal. The most valuable things Kennedy could give away to earn money was to sell her 5SOS albums. The CD's meant the world to her but now she needs the CD's to save her. What will happen to Kennedy?


3. happy. Shy. Thankful.

I woke up and I heard a loud siren. It was the fire alarm. I got up to see what happened and once I stepped foot on the ground, it still hurt but much better as it did yesterday. I ran out the door and I saw Michael with a pan in his hand. In the pan there was an object and it was smoking. I ran out and helped. By helping I mean grabbing the pan and placing the pizza in the garbage and the pan in the sink. Scanning the room for a tall object and all they had was an umbrella. I ran to get the umbrella and turned off the alarm. Luke, Ashton and Calum ran down like a hurricane of buffalo's. 

"What the hell is going on??" Ashton asked.

"I was trying to make pizza but it burnt." Replied Michael

"Ummm Michael, you don't bake pizza's with a pan, it goes in the oven." I said


"OHHHH. Whoops." Michael said in a embarrassed look

"Here let me make something for you. It would be alot better than PAN pizza." I said. The guys agreed and they waited by the couch as they went on twitter.

hmmmm. What can I make. I know! I can make bacon and eggs with toast. I took out the materials and started cooking. Few minutes later Luke came over and he was excited. 

"I made bacon and eggs with toast." I said with a big smile on my face.

"Cool! It looks really good! Is it ready?" Luke asked. 

"Yup! I just don't know where the cutlery is." I replied looking around searching through the cabinets.

"Oh! its over here." Luke ran over and pointed to a cabinet and opened the drawer. i giggled and took out 5 forks.

"GUYS FOOD IS READY. GET YO ASSES OVER HERE" Luke shouted. The guys ran over and took a seat at the table. I placed a fork beside eat plate and the started taking photos. Not sure why so I asked. 

'What are you guys doing?" Looking confused

"Taking photos for instagram! A dish like this needs to be shared." Calum replied.

"hahaha thanks!" I replied

After the many photos they took, they ate the breakfast. I was really happy they liked it.

"What are you guys gonna do today?" I asked as I put the dishes in the sink

"Oh we were planning on staying home and just chilling. Its gonna be a chill day" Michael replied

"Cool!" I replied

"I just came up with a really cool idea!" Calum shouted.

"Calm your hormones. What is it?" Luke added

"stay here! I'm gonna show you!" Calum replied as he ran to his room

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