Pick Your Poison

Divale, Nightshade, and Belladonna Hemlock are sisters. Well, Divale and Nightshade are twins and Belladonna is their half sister on their mother's side. They are named after poisonous plants and own a bar called Pick Your Poison, where they work. But something is different about these girls, and it's not just the fact that one of them forgets to eat.

No, the girls are the daughters of Abaddon, the most powerful, and last, Knight of Hell. Divale and Nightshade are also full demons and the daughters of Crowley, the King of Hell. Belladonna, on the other hand, is a Cambion, which means her father was a human, who is now dead.

Suddenly, the girls are thrown in danger when Abaddon comes back and the Winchesters and Castiel walk right into Pick Your Poison.

This is set right after Dean gets the Mark of Cain and will include Crowley, Gath, his wife, Bess, Gabreil, and Meta-dweeb.


8. Trick or Treat?

I walked out of the room behind Castiel, hearing quiet gasps from my sisters.


"I need to tell you something," I whispered. "Well, I guess showing would be easier. Before you I show, promise me you won't tell anyone," I insisted.


"I don't know if I can do that," Castiel said with the air of a confused kitten. I love kittens, and puppies. They're so cute.


"Please, Castiel! This is important," I begged. He still said he couldn't. "I promise this will not harm you, the Winchesters, other angels that are on your side, or any Hunters unless they try and kill us or someone we love. I'm begging, Castiel." I was almost crying at this point and could feel the tears behind my eyes.


Ultimately, I think it was the threat of me bursting into tears that made him promise. And so I took a deep breath and looked him in the eye.


"I need to explain before you say anything or I will never get this out, okay," I said and turned when he nodded.


To his credit, Castiel just looked at the back of my head for a while until I turned to see his reaction. He was confused and still looking at my face. I turned again and, blushing, told him to look down. It felt like I was giving him permission to stare at my butt, and I hate when people do that.


He sucked in a breath and started to make his way to the door when I stopped him.


"You promised, and even if you are a fallen angel living off of others' Grace, giving your word still means something and said with as much confidence as I could muster, which wasn't much at the moment.


"This is too important that I cannot not tell my charges," he growled. For an angel, he was better than a demon in intimidation.


"Just, trust me, it's better this way. They'll be relatively safe from most of her wrath," I sighed. He looked at me strangely, but in the end, gave an affirmative nod and I sighed in relief.


We walked out to see my sister talking to Dad, when did he get there, and putting on a brave face. Divale might not know it, but I do remember the nights hiding behind trash bins, before Daddy found out what was happening. I have flashbacks during the nights, even nightmares, but I get through. I know she has PTSD, or the demon equivalent. Dad's helping her, though, so that's good.


"So, now we have hunter, demons and angels stealing our liquor. Great," I grumbled.


"Cas isn't stealing anything! He didn't even drink," Dean exclaimed with indignation.


"Not talking about your angel, dearie," Nightshade said with a quick roll of her eyes.


"I hate you," a slurred voice yelled from the back room.


"Then get out of my bar and stop stealing the only food I snack on without being reminded," I yelled to my left.


"Too loud," the voice slurred. "I like treat more than trick," he grumbled.


"Gabriel, if you left the cherries alone, I wouldn't have had to get you drunk enough for you to get a hangover," Night snapped as the archangel came staggering out the door.


"I really hate you," Gabe said as his head swung from side to side.


"So, you've said," Nightshade muttered, rolling her eyes.


"Now that we have that covered, Night, what did you do to the archangel?" Divale asked, her hand to her head.


"I may, or may not, have gotten him drunk off his butt," She said with a small shrug.


"We got that, love. I believe we were more wondering how you were able to do so." Dad said sarcastically. 


"Well, that will just have to be my little secret for now, now won't it?" Night smirked at us. 


I covered my mouth to keep my smile hidden as I snickered at this. There was no way that Divale was going to let Gabriel stay here again. The last time that happened, Gabe needed Balthy to come save his butt from her wrath. He may or may not have eaten all of her chocolate and then make a pass at her. It only landed him with a wounded pride, multiple broken bones, deep lacerations, and a really good reminder to not, and I repeat NOT eat her chocolate. 


This was going to be a great night...



Hey guys! Unfortunately, as you all could probably tell, we've not updated in a while. Thats mainly because Raven has been offline due to some personal things and so, I, Mrs. Tony Stark finished this chapter for her. Up until Crowley starts to talk was all Raven. Everything after was all me. Love y'all! :* 

~Mrs. Tony Stark<3

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