Pick Your Poison

Divale, Nightshade, and Belladonna Hemlock are sisters. Well, Divale and Nightshade are twins and Belladonna is their half sister on their mother's side. They are named after poisonous plants and own a bar called Pick Your Poison, where they work. But something is different about these girls, and it's not just the fact that one of them forgets to eat.

No, the girls are the daughters of Abaddon, the most powerful, and last, Knight of Hell. Divale and Nightshade are also full demons and the daughters of Crowley, the King of Hell. Belladonna, on the other hand, is a Cambion, which means her father was a human, who is now dead.

Suddenly, the girls are thrown in danger when Abaddon comes back and the Winchesters and Castiel walk right into Pick Your Poison.

This is set right after Dean gets the Mark of Cain and will include Crowley, Gath, his wife, Bess, Gabreil, and Meta-dweeb.


3. Pick Your Poison



We left Hell soon after Divale stuck Nightshade. My name is Belladonna, by the way. Belladonna Symphonica. My sisters are Divale and Nightshade Hemlock. (Well, that's the last name they go by when their on earth.) I am really skinny, but with enough muscle to say I wasn't starving myself. I honestly don't starve myself on purpose, I forget to eat. I have bright red hair, a few shades darker than the twins' with bright poison green eyes and pale skin. My sister were identical in every way, but their eyes. They were as tall as me, average height, with a few shades paler skin and blood red lips. Divale's eyes were a turquoise color with red flecks in them while Nightshade's were emerald green with flecks of black in them.


We had to get back to the bar, anyway. It was getting ready to open tonight and I was all healed from my mother's 'pleasantries' from two days ago. It really was time to get back to my job as bar keeper and some times waitress Nightshade and Divale helped during rush hour at the bar, but they mainy waited on the tables and played hostesses. Not to mention the fact the kept track of the time and forced me to eat.


We headed back to the bar, after saying our goodbyes to Dad, Crowley might not be my biological Dad, but he adopted me, and arrived ten minutes before it was set to open. We had just enough time to set everything up before opening the doors. It was time to start the show.


An hour later, the newbies started showing up. "Okay, everyone! Designated drivers on the left side of the bar, everyone else, right side. Overnighters, give your keys to Divale, then get your room keys from Belladonna! All those who plan to drink just a little and drive themselves home, you will stay sober or will be given a room where you will be charged! Have a good time and remember to Pick Your Poison wisely!" Nightshade said every so often. It was her favorite part of the night, standing up on a random table and yelling out for all to here.


The night went on and by eleven, the newbies almost completely stopped, only a few coming in every so often. By eleven thirty, all newbies, except those needing rooms, stopped. That's when they came in, with one of our favorite customer couples.


"Bella, Night, Div, hey," a young and very happy male voice called over the music and chatter of the bar.


"Garth!! Sweetie!! How's Bess?" I asked one of my favorite customers.


"Great! She's coming in now," he said as Bess and a man in a trench coat came in.


"Well, dearie, are you going to be spending the night? And who are your friends," Divale asked as she came around the bar to get some beers. "Dearie, it's time to eat," she added after a look at the clock.


"How long this time," Bess asked through a glare.


"Five days," Nightshade snipped.


"Belladonna!" Garth yelled, shocked and a bit angry. It made me cringe. He always got upset with me when I forgot to eat and he found out.


"Oi! Two of those days were not my fault! You know that," I snapped at my sisters.


"Oh, and why is that," Bess asked with a raised eyebrow.


"No reason," I said quickly. Both werewolves knew someone was stalking me, but they didn't know who or why.


"Go to the police," Garth said, face serious for the first time in a long time.


"No reason to," I glared at him. "Now, who are your friends?" I ground out.


He sighed. "This is Dean Winchester and this brother, Sam," Garth said with a gesture to a shorter man with short brown hair and green eyes, then to a man way taller, with long, wavy brown hair and hazel eyes.


"And this is Castiel," Bess said, gesturing to the man in the trench coat. He was a little shorter than Dean, with bright blue eyes and black hair.


Great, just what we needed, really good Hunters. I mean, if anyone could figure us out, it would be them. But, the chances were slim. Garth was a Hunter and werewolf and he didn't know I was a Cambion, nor my sisters full demons. Of course, he also wasn't an angel.


I smiled at them and gestured to the bar seats. "So, staying the night or what," I asked Bess as I fixed some drinks for them.

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