Pick Your Poison

Divale, Nightshade, and Belladonna Hemlock are sisters. Well, Divale and Nightshade are twins and Belladonna is their half sister on their mother's side. They are named after poisonous plants and own a bar called Pick Your Poison, where they work. But something is different about these girls, and it's not just the fact that one of them forgets to eat.

No, the girls are the daughters of Abaddon, the most powerful, and last, Knight of Hell. Divale and Nightshade are also full demons and the daughters of Crowley, the King of Hell. Belladonna, on the other hand, is a Cambion, which means her father was a human, who is now dead.

Suddenly, the girls are thrown in danger when Abaddon comes back and the Winchesters and Castiel walk right into Pick Your Poison.

This is set right after Dean gets the Mark of Cain and will include Crowley, Gath, his wife, Bess, Gabreil, and Meta-dweeb.


4. Moose, Wings, and Squirrel


As Garth and Bess confirmed that the five of them were, indeed staying the night; I was trying my hardest not to flip on Garth, as soon as the Plaid Boys themselves walked into the bar, I had known immediately who they were. Trouble with a side of death to us all if I didn't get my little sisters out of here and close the bar early and FAST!

But, Bella just HAD to go and be nice to them.

The Winchesters.

Ugh, their name is like poison on my tongue, no pun intended.

Then there was their freaking ANGEL!! Like seriously, did Garth and Bess bring them all here to murder us in our sleep?! Granted, we were in fact the MOST powerful beings other than archangels to have walked the face of the Earth and would thus, most likely kill THEM off, but that wasn't necessarily what I was focusing on right now.

"Earth to D!" I heard a voice say sarcastically.

I jerked up and looked around myself with confusion. "What?" I demanded tiredly.

"You've been standing there staring across the room wiping that same spot on the bar for the last ten minutes. Care to explain whats going on in that annoying head of yours?" Bella sassily demanded as she cocked her hip and placed a fist on the other.

I glared her down and snapped at her, "Look, little miss! It's about freaking time for you to walk your happy little lily white bottom in back and eat some freaking food, so either hop to it and leave me alone OR I'll happily drag your little butt to DADDY and have HIM feed you. Which will it be, sugar?" I said with a smirk.

She paled at the mention of Daddy and muttered her answer in defeat as she made her way to the kitchen to go eat.

I turned away with a sigh of relief only to catch the eye of Castiel as he looked at me with great interest.

"Take a picture, Daddy-O it'll last longer!" I snapped at that fool.

He looked confused and instantly looked to Sam Winchester to help him understand the phrase. "What does she mean by that, Sam? How would taking a picture of her last longer?"

Sam, to his credit didn't laugh and instead answered as if questions like this one were normal and not few and far between. "Cas, shes telling you to stop staring at her."

"Then why does she not just say so?"

"Its an expression."

"Hey, Die!" Nightshade called to me.

"Yeah, Night?" I asked

"Table five is at it again. If they come in again and do this, I'm going to have to kick them out." she sighed.

I looked over at Table Five, knowing that I wasn't about to let this rowdy bunch of guys screw up my bar any more than they already had the last two nights.

They were truly disgusting creatures. They would cat-call and slap mine and Night's butts whenever we got within an arm's distance of them. I hated them, they repulsed me. They would throw their drinks all around the room, disturbing the other patrons from having a good night out and I was sick of it.

I bent down and retrieved my 12 gauge Remington pump-action shotgun and handed it to Night. "No, this ends NOW. What are the rules?"

She sighed and rolled her eyes but recited them to me by memory. "If the fight gets too bad, point and shoot at he target. Shoot first, ask questions later and above all else protect Bella."

"Thats my girl. Well, boys it looks like your time and luck have finally just ran out!" I muttered the last part to myself, my English accent thickening as I started to make my way to Table Five with the five rowdy guys.

"Hello, boys." I said with a smirk to the guys.

They looked at me and my body with appraising eyes. "Well, hello, Beautiful! Finally come round to join us, have you?" a guy with a thick and barley understandable southern accent said with a wink and smirk of his own.

I wanted to vomit on him to show him just how repulsed by him and his friends I was.

"No, actually, I've come to ask you boys something important."

"Divale!! I'm back, I'm done eating." Belladonna called out to me from the bar.

They nearest guy on my right craned his neck to get a look at her and said to the boys, apparently forgetting that I was standing right here in front of them, "Man, would I love to have me her. Right, guys?"

This started off another round of throwing their drinks and cackles and cat-calling. I had tried to keep my temper, i really truly had tried, but this was the last straw that broke the camel'a back.

I growled lowly at them, wanting nothing more than to rip out their hearts and feed them to my Hellhound Prince. But, instead I said flatly, "I need you three boys to vacate the premises and never return."

The boys froze and turned slowly in unison to glare me down, trying to make me feel like the inferior gender. But, I was anything BUT inferior to a bunch of insolent humans.

"No, you see doll face, we don't  feel like leaving just yet. Do we boys?" There was a loud chorus of "No!" and "H-ll NO!" heard from around the table. "See? Thanks for asking though." They guy closest to me on my left said as he placed his hand on my hip, his fingers dangerously close to my butt.

"I wasn't asking. I was telling." I snapped.

His grip on me tightened. All the guys stood up at once slowly, trying to once again intimidate me.

And once again, it failed to work.

"Hey, guys, let's just relax, alright? We wouldn't want to break this pretty little thing here now would we?" A voice said behind me.

I stiffened as I saw who that voice belonged to. It was Dean.

The guys relaxed a bit, clearly thinking that Dean was about to join them or something along those lines because they all suddenly had grins covering their faces.

"True. Very true." The guy that had ahold on me said,slightly loosening his grip. I made eye contact with this Winchester brother and gasped, he was angry. Very angry. 

Ignoring him and it, I quickly whirled around and pinned the brute to the table. "I'm not just a pretty face, sweetie." I growled in his ear, pulling his arm up and to the middle of his back forcefully. 

He was whining like a whipped puppy. I was victorious. The other four guys didn't like my reaction though and decided that it would be a great idea for me to understand that. So, with a collective roar, they all lunged at me. I blocked all of their blows with the body of their friend and backed the fight up to the door. 

Once my back was pressed against the door, I kicked it open with my foot and threw Grabby Hands out of it. 

Red Beard was next as he was the lucky bloke that was trying to hit me now. I dodged his blow and with a sweeping kick had him on his back and then he was thrown out of the bar to land next to his little friend. 

As I was turning around to get rid of the other three guys, I heard a battle cry, which to be honest surprised me. I turned and saw the one and only Dean Winchester holding the fist of Baldy, standing in front of me, protecting me.

"You shouldn't have done that, buddy." Dean said and with a glower, he threw him out of my bar. 

"Whose next?" I challenged the two guys left standing; Drunk Hilibilly and Creepy Eyes. 

They both glanced at each other and then attacked me a the same time with malicious grins and their eyes turned black. 

Oh H-LL NO! 

I pushed Dean out of the way and clapped my hands, fire springing to life in my hands. 

"Get OUT!" I roared at them, trying my hardest to keep my eyes the same and not let them flicker to my favourite set...my beautiful scarlet red eyes. 

"You of all, Princess know that you can't right now." Drunk Hilibilly said with a perfect voice, no accent, and no slights on the English language. 

I raised an eyebrow and said, "Why's that, dearie? I can and I WILL kill you if its the last thing I can do in this bar!" I roared, sounding like a lioness. 

Then, there was the sudden sound of a gunshot. I glanced over at Nightshade to see that she had shot the target, effectively getting the attention of the two demons in front of me. 

I blinked and I lost the fight to contain my eyes for a split second and was forced to close my eyes due to my lack of restraint. 

Thankfully currently everyone's eyes were trained on Nightshade and the gun she was holding on her shoulder as she pumped it and the shell flew out, landing a few feet away from her. "This is OUR bar, if you don't have the RESPECT for it, take it up with us fairly!" she yelled out, glaring at the two demons.

While everyone was busy with her, I focues on Dean, he was still on the ground and looked out of it. I fliched inwardly, realizing that I just so happened to have used a little too much force to knock him out of the way when I saw their eyes. 

I pulled him up and said, "Dean, are you alright? I'm sorry, I just needed to assert myself. This is my bar, afterall."

He smiled at me disarmingly and then  said, "Don't worry about it sweetheart. I get it, your bar. Your demons. Trust me, y'all aren't the first bar-owning hunters we've run into." 

I was confused. He and his brother obviously thought that we were hunters. Just what did Garth say about us? We've known him for years...before HE even knew about the Supernatural world.

I nodded my head. "Yeah, something like that. Who told you we were hunters?"

"Garth." he answered with a roll of his eyes. 

Sassy little git, now aren't we? I thougth to myself. 

Instantly, with that thought, I thought of Daddy. Of calling him and asking him to get rid of these idiot demons for me. 

However before I could even put my plan into action, a voice said behind me, "Moose. Wings. Where's Squirrle?"

Crap, he knows these guys... And I don't think he realized where he was.

But, as I turned around to assess the demons, they had stopped moving. Paralyzed by fear.

"Crowley." I snapped. 

Daddy turned to me, recongizing my voice and with a raise of his eyebrows, I shook my head minutely and said, "Why in the H-LL are you here in my BAR WITH YOUR FREAKING CRONIES?!"

Nightshade looked at me with wide eyes, shocked at the tone I was using with Dad. Then, it clicked in her mind. She nodded her head and turned towards Dad with the gun aimed at him. 

"Either take your men and leave or I'll kill them off and I'll have my sister here shoot you full of salt, you'll freaking pee an ocean!" I growled, motioning to these two idiots that were still frozen in fear. 

"Mikey. Jeffery. What are you two doing here?" Dad said with a raised eyebrow. 

"We..uhh.." They knew they were dead the whole of freaking HELL knew who we were and who was our father. 

"I'm waaaiiitttinngg..." Dad said with a bored sigh as he examined his nails. 

I was grateful that he was playing along with us. 

Smirking to myself, I turned to look at Dean who was rubbing the back of his head with a small frown on his face. 

"We were coming to kill your daughters!" Creepy Eyes said with a cackle. 

Oh, crap... 

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