Pick Your Poison

Divale, Nightshade, and Belladonna Hemlock are sisters. Well, Divale and Nightshade are twins and Belladonna is their half sister on their mother's side. They are named after poisonous plants and own a bar called Pick Your Poison, where they work. But something is different about these girls, and it's not just the fact that one of them forgets to eat.

No, the girls are the daughters of Abaddon, the most powerful, and last, Knight of Hell. Divale and Nightshade are also full demons and the daughters of Crowley, the King of Hell. Belladonna, on the other hand, is a Cambion, which means her father was a human, who is now dead.

Suddenly, the girls are thrown in danger when Abaddon comes back and the Winchesters and Castiel walk right into Pick Your Poison.

This is set right after Dean gets the Mark of Cain and will include Crowley, Gath, his wife, Bess, Gabreil, and Meta-dweeb.


7. Divale's Past


I looked over at Bella as she asked Castiel if she could talk to him for a second. I was worried, she shouldn't be alone with a man. No matter if hes an angel. Thats just another reason why she shouldn't be alone with him!

I was furious, she shook her head at me, knowing that I was about to object. When she turned to follow Castiel into the hallway to the Back Room, I saw why she was going to speak to him. Her back was carved with her identity, and thus ours. I shuddered to think about how that made Night and I the next ones to be carved into and I immediatly felt guilty. 

I shouldn't fear what Mummy dearest was going to do to us, I should want to protect my baby sister and I should be angry. 

Growling, I whirled around and punched the closest thing to me. Which, as it was, ended up being Dean freaking Winhester. 

He stumbled backwards and was shocked at the force I yielded. Ooops... He wasn't suppossed to know how strong I was...even if I didn't use my full strength. "Holy crap, girl! You've got a mean punch!" 

"Don't forget it, Pretty Boy." I snapped at  him. 

"What you annoyed that Cassie boy is about to get some from your sister?" Dean asked with a sly grin.

I glared at him and swung at his face, making contact with his cheek. I swore loudly at him very colourfully and make sure that hes bleeding at a low level. 

"You say anything like that about my sister again and I'lll put you in a hole in the ground. And this time, you won't be crawling back outta Hell from it." I growled, leaning towards him meanacingly. 

He looked at me in shock, clearly not expecting that.

"My sisters are the purest freaking women you'll ever meet. If you so much as say anything to suggest other than that, I will personally make sure that you will never have children." I growled as I pulled him closer to me by his shirt collar, my right hand already  consumed with fire. I was ready to burn his face right off. 

"Wow! How'd you do that?!" Sam asked in awe as he made his way to my side to inspect my fire. 

Crap... How am I going to explain that our psychotic mother made me learn this?

"Oh, our b-tch of a mother forced us to learn how to use elements and bend them to our will. If we didn't she left us on the street at night to be raped and beaten." Nightshade deadpanned.

I stiffened and looked away from the brothers who stood there, gawking at me. I let my fire extinguish and backed away from them. "Don't pity us. We don't need it!," I spat at them, "I'm going to kill her and soon. Especially if Dad has anything to say about it." I finished softer. 

"Look, Divale... I...I didn't know. I'm sorry." Dean said, stuttering. 
"I said I don't need your pity. If you'll excuse me." I said just as I turned around with tears threatening to spill and set to work. 

The boys were quiet and I sniffeled a little but quickly took my emotions out on the rigourous cleaning we had to do. I bent down, exposing my back and the scars that littered it along with my birthmark... The huge dragon that looked like a full back tattoo. It was red, the wings fully expanded and the tail wound down my spine all the way to the small of my back. It was intricate and beautiful. I loved it and despised it at the same time. 

Letting my back and front scar show to people I didn't even know on a personal level scared me and I didn't want to think about the burns and writing that was all over my body. My legs, arms, stomach, back, chest, and neck. I usually was covered in long sleeves and dark pants. 

"What actually happened was that Divale, being the eldest would hide us in an ally and before they could find us, give herself over to protect me and Bella. She was raped multiple times, cut into for fun, and she was almost killed every night. Thats why she learned to fight. Why she taught us to fight. Why she chose fire. It gives her victims pain. And she saw it as justice. Which, it was. Don't say a word of this to Bella. She was too young to fully remember." I heard Night whisper to them. 

"But... How could someone do that to their own flesh and blood?" Garth asked, appauled. 

"You want to know how someone could do that?" I said, standing up with the bucket of cleaning chemicals. 

Garth froze and looked at me in fear. He was probably glad that we'd already sent Bess to bed because of her pregnancy and the chemicals we were using stunk to high heaven.

"How a mother could possibly allow her children to be beaten, raped, almost killed? In front of her own house?! I'LL TELL YOU HOW!" I shouted, throwing the bucket across the room, dousing everything, and unfortunatley everyone (Night and the Winchesters) with the cleaner. "How such a THING IS POSSIBLE?! HOW SOMEONE COULD ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN TO HER OWN DAUGHTERS?!" I was screaming now, all the unwanted memories coming back to me in one go. 

"HOW SHE COULD DO IT HERSELF TO HER CHILDREN?! She was NOTHING! Might as well've been a bloody demon. So, I'd like to know too." I said before I completely lost everything and crashed to the floor in defeat, letting my legs give out beneath me. I felt the pain. The torture, the burns, the cuts, the writing that had been etched painfully into every single one of my limbs.

I let it cloud over the present and just watched. Never screaming. Never begging for help. Never letting one single tear out. Never giving her the satisfaction of it. 

I was being shaken by someone. I ignored it, trying to focus on the memories that seemed like they were happening right now to me, in front of me to my sisters. 

"Divale, darling. I need to speak to you." a rough British voice said. 
Jerking, I snapped back into the present to see Dad kneeling in front of me, hands placed delicately on my shoulders, eyes full of worry and anger. 

I spoke to him in Latin, so that the boys in the room couldn't understand me. "Daddy... It happened again."

He closed his eyes and growled lowly in his chest. "I'll kill her myself if I have to." 

"I want that pleasure!" I snapped back at him in fury. 

He smirked and said, "Thats my little poison."

"We're all your poison." I growled.

"But no one is my Divale."

I smiled and thought about hugging him right then and there. 

"You need to take that tonic I had Gerald make you before his...untimely demise." 

"Yes, Father." I groaned.

"Theres a good girl. Now, up you go." and Crowley helped me to my feet. 

"So, I assume you're more than willing to let an old friend stay here, for free I might add." Dad said in English. 

Rolling my eyes, I said, "Fine, Crowley. But if you so much as place a SCRATCH on anything, I'll drag your a-se down to Hell myself!"

"I would expect nothing less."

"Guess what guys! Looks like the King of Hell is staying with us for a while." I called out to everyone in the room. 

There was a collective groan and then Cas and Bella reappeared. Daddy's eyes narrowed at the sight of Castiel walking into the room with Bella after seemingly being alone together. 

"Look at her back." I muttered to him in Latin. 

Nodding his head, he looked at it, seeing what was written there and understood immediately. "I'll allow it." he slipped up and spoke in English.

"You'll allow what, precisely?" Sam asked with a stoney face and tone. 

"The payment of any liquor I consume whilst I'm staying in this bar." Dad lied smoothly. Although, I  really wanted him to do that. 

"Alright then..." Dean said from behind me. 

Only then did I notice that he was hovering just an inch above my shoulder. I hadn't noticed him at all. 

Then, I felt something on my hips...his HANDS?! What the h-ll?!

I gripped his hands tightly and threw him over my shoulders and onto the ground. I stepped on him, pressing the heel of my bare foot into his juggular. 

"Who the h-ll GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO TOUCH ME, SLEEZE BALL?!" I screamed at him in anger.

"Nobody..." He grunted.

"Thats what I thought."

And with that, we continued to clean up the bar. I would occasionally sneak glances over at Dean, blushing when he would catch me, which was frequently. Hes so pretty... I found myself thinking a lot.

I would also catch Castiel to find him staring intently at all three of us girls. 

After we cleaned up, I showed the boys to their rooms and went to shower and then bed. 

Little did I know tomorrow, our worst fear would be on our doorstep.

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