Pick Your Poison

Divale, Nightshade, and Belladonna Hemlock are sisters. Well, Divale and Nightshade are twins and Belladonna is their half sister on their mother's side. They are named after poisonous plants and own a bar called Pick Your Poison, where they work. But something is different about these girls, and it's not just the fact that one of them forgets to eat.

No, the girls are the daughters of Abaddon, the most powerful, and last, Knight of Hell. Divale and Nightshade are also full demons and the daughters of Crowley, the King of Hell. Belladonna, on the other hand, is a Cambion, which means her father was a human, who is now dead.

Suddenly, the girls are thrown in danger when Abaddon comes back and the Winchesters and Castiel walk right into Pick Your Poison.

This is set right after Dean gets the Mark of Cain and will include Crowley, Gath, his wife, Bess, Gabreil, and Meta-dweeb.


9. Abbadon's Back



"Morning, sweet cheeks." someone said behind me as I was making my morning coffee the next day.

After the crap that went down last night, especially with Gabe showing up out of nowhere once again. I'm not sure how Daddy feels about that, but I also was still dead on my feet and don't give a flying toadstool about it.

"Shut up." I snapped.

"Woah! What did you do, Dean? Did you pee in her cheerios or something?"

"Shut it, Jesus Hair." Dean snapped.

"You're just jealous." Sam snapped back with a tongue raspberry.

"Why are you two arguing? Don't you know not to speak around Die until she's had her coffee?" Garth asked quietly.

"No. No body warned us!" the Winchester boys said.

I was getting annoyed with this racket and just as I was about to turn around, my Keurig finally finished my coffee. I quickly grabbed it and before anyone could see, I added a little bit of blood into it. No, not human blood. My father's blood. Its a little tradition we've started. If I feel the mental attacks like the one I experienced last night becoming stronger, I put some into anything I'm drinking. And the only people who know about it are me and my father. Not even Night and Bella know. And for good reason. They don't need to know how screwed up my life is.

"Listen, boys. You just need to assume that even when I don't look like I'm in a bad mood that I am and thus, you don't speak to me until I speak to you." I smiled as I snorted in the alluringly wonderful smell of my coffee.

"You wanna share that?" Dean said, coming in closer to my coffee, dangerously close, as he started to smell it.

"Back off!" I growled.

"What, you don't share?" Dean mocked me.

"No. I don't. Now, as I said, BACK OFF!"

"But, babe..." he pouted.

I was getting sick of his little pet names. "Listen here, Buddy. I am NOBODY'S 'babe', 'sweet cheeks', or 'Princess'! I am my own being and if you don't want to lose all reproductive organs you might need, I suggest that you leave me the h-ll alone!"

"Well, I'm just going to go check on Bess...." Garth said, taking his leave as fast as he could.

"Excuse me?" someone was speaking in Latin, and I'm pretty sure I know who it was.

"Daddy..." I muttered in English under my breath.

"Sorry, what was that?" Dean asked with a smirk as his hand inched closer and closer to my mug of hot delicious blood coffee.

"I said, 'Crowley!' What do you want?!" I demanded, whirling around and slamming my mug on the counter as I growled at my father.

"A large glass of scotch on the rocks." he said in English, knowing I'd understand that what he really said was, "I want to rip his face and arms off his body and watch him burn in Hell."

"Don't you think that its a little too early for that?" I said.

"He's about to drink your coffee, and if you added what I think you did this morning for what happened last night, you need to get that away from his lips." Crowley said in Latin.

My eyes widened and I turned around in what felt like slow motion. I had just grabbed Dean's arm to yank it from his hand when I saw him swallow. "NO!!! I TOLD YOU NOT TO DRINK IT!!!" I screamed like a banshee.

"This tastes pretty good. Sammy, you want to try some?" Dean said, completely ignoring me.

I stiffened, I knew that if Sammy took a drink of it, he'd definately recongize that particular taste.

"Daddy!" I whimpered, turning to Crowley, asking permission to do what I knew I had to. Dean was already striding across the room to let Sammy drink my coffee.

He nodded his head and gave me permission for what I was about to do.

Taking in a deep breath, I released anything that was hiding my true identity and I let my eyes shine through. "Dean Winchester! Take one more step and I'll personally take you back to Hell!" I shouted, using my magic to throw Sam into a wall on the other side of the room. I was standing on the kitchen island, trying to keep calm and failing miserably.

Dean dropped the mug, shattering it all over the floor as the coffee spilt around it. Sam's eyes went dark, he could smell it now.

"Daddy! Get Sammy out of here, NOW!" I ordered, glaring intently at Dean. I was going to have to explain some things to him whether I liked it or not. "And, please, try to wipe his memory. I can't have him running through my kitchen trying to find my...medicine." I said, deflating from my earlier anger.

"You're a demon?! Is that why you didn't want me to drink your coffee?" Dean growled, stepping closer to me.

"No. Its something else, something much worse." I said as I slumped on top of the island.

"What could it be? Herpes?" He asked sarcastically.

"Dean, please, listen to me. Everything you heard last night was true. Everything we went through...what I went through. And this is hard for me to say, but, please just listen to me, alright?" I was practically begging him with tears threatening to spill down my face.

He nodded after taking everything in.

"Listen, I have these...mental and panic attacks a lot. Last night was the first time any of my sisters had seen me go through them. The only person who knew about it was our father. Who is Crowley, as you just learned. And he only found out two years ago after I clasped in front of him. And the only thing he could do to help me was to do a blood transfusion. Are you following me?"

Dean nodded his head, concentrating on what I'd just told him.

"Right, will he...fed me his blood and since then, its like a type of medicine for me to take daily. I usually drink it with my morning coffee."

Dean was nodding along and then he stopped. "Are you saying that I...DRANK CROWLEY'S BLOOD?!"

"Yeah... And, you almost had Sammy drink it too."

Dean paled. "That's why he reacted to the smell when it crashed." I supplied for him. "You really need to listen to me when it comes to these kinds of things, alright?"

He nodded his head and started to compose himself. And then we heard a double scream. A terrifying scream. I was shaken to the bone, I could feel the terror seeping into my body. I knew who it was. Only one person could make my sisters scream like that. 

Our mother. 

Quickly, I looked at Dean, who had stopped everything he was doing. I jumped off the island and then I ran to the fridge, grabbing the mason jar full of my father's blood from the very back and gulped it all down. I'd be needing it for what was about to happen. 

I ran out of the kitchen and to the front of the bar where everyone had congregated. 

"You little b-tch! Why are you harboring the Winchesters and their filthy angel from me?!" Abbadon was screaming at Nightshade as she drew her fingers across the skin of her midriff. And then words in Enchocian and Latin showed up across her body in burns and carvings. 

I gasped in anger, my hands flared with fire and I ran towards her, noting that Bella wasn't in here. "YOU MURDERING WENCH!!" I screamed as I flew to her. 

She threw Night across the room and she landed behind the bar, crashing into all of our hard liquor. 

"Hello, sweetie. Nice of you to come see Mummy!" Abbadon said with a cackle. 

I threw five fire balls at her, attacking first. She simply laughed and blocked them. I was so blinded by rage that I didn't notice her move when I reached her, she moved too quickly, grabbed my arms and swung me into the ground, pressing her palm across my back, burning my skin and carving into it as well. Now all three of her daughters bore identical markings. I ignored the pain, flinching as I ripped myself from her grasp and fell to the ground behind me. 

"DIVALE!!!" I heard someone scream as I fell, and then there was nothing. Just blackness and pain all over my torso. 

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