Mary, Magdalen

The first 5000 words of my Na No Wri Mo work; a story about sisters. A story about Mary.


1. The Beginning

My story starts next Tuesday, when I will have to force down my sister’s barricade behind her bedroom door and sit next to her on the bed as she screams and cries and tells me that she wants to die. Next Tuesday, I will walk home from school, unaware that it’ll happen. I will open the front door and hear the sounds. My parents will not be in. My parents will not be in for a few days. My sister will be wholly dependent on me until they get back and I will not attend school for the rest of the week.

But currently, on the Friday before hand, I do not know this will happen. I do not know that she’s hurting inside. I do not know what her boyfriend will do tomorrow night when I leave. I do not know anything about it. Really, I am bundled up in my own head; focusing on my own problems – my school work, my friends, my boyfriend. Not hers. I don’t think I need to. She is perfectly stable, isn’t she? And yet, in four days’ time, my world will become about her.


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