Black. Murky. Swimming in and out. What? Purple eyes. No, eyes extremely blue. Who?

"Alexandra!" Sky screamed suddenly as the others looked back quickly. Alexandra's vision cleared and her senses were given back to her. A truck. Heading right toward her. Slowly. So slowly. No, quickly, she just felt like it was slowly. No. Moving out of the way. How? It was going to hit her. It was right there. How'd it get out of the way so fast?


"I'd recommend staying away from them." A girl advised in Alexandra's last period class. "Who?" Alexandra frowned. "Sky's group, and Juliet's, too." The girl answered. "Why?" Alexandra asked. "They're weird. Like, really weird. Sky always like knows what everyone's thinking, kind of, except for James, I guess. And Nicole just fades seems to like into the background and disappears and pops out of nowhere. And then..."


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Alexandra sighed. "It won't be so bad, lighten up." Her uncle said gently as he pat Alexandra's hand. Alexandra remained silent as she stared out the window. "Here we are. Your new school. Oh, I remember when I went here, it was great!" He chirped with a fake smile. He was suffering, too, after all. "Wouldn't it make more sense to just start next Monday, instead of today, a Friday?" She asked wryly. "Maybe, but at least you can get used to it and make some friends faster." Her uncle smiled reassuringly. Alexandra doubted that, somehow. She glanced over at the large school with all those numerous, numerous students, and wordlessly banged her head against the window. ... "Hi! You must be Alexandra. Why don't you introduce yourself?" The male teacher smiled. Alexandra resisted the urge to grit her teeth and instead took a deep breath. "Alexandra Vargas. Sixteen. I don't have a lot of likes. I have a lot of dislikes. Try not to become one of the latter." She deadpanned as she took the only open seat. "Er, right... And with that, let's begin class." The teacher chuckled. ... "Hi, new face! You must be Alexandra! People have been talking about you, you know." A girl laughed. Alexandra glared. "I didn't mean it like that!" The girl quickly reassured her. "They were just saying how bad ass you were. I like what I've heard about your introduction, it sounds like it was cool." The girl grinned, eyes sparkling in amusement. "Who are you?" Alexandra frowned. "Oh, right, sorry. I'm Sky." She smiled as she outstretched her hand. "Well, Sky, no offense, but you don't exactly look like a senior." Alexandra drawled. Sky grinned in response. "Freshman. You're not the only intelligent one getting into AP." She smirked. "So this is a mixed class?" Alexandra asked. "Yep. Freshman, sophomores, blah, blah." Sky waved her hand dismissively. "My brother's in this class, too. He's a senior, but only because he skipped a grade. My dad wouldn't let me skip a grade since he's a jerk." She sulked suddenly. Alexandra's fists clenched. "Sorry." Sky said suddenly as she sobered up. "That was selfish." She frowned, looking guilty. "I... What?" Alexandra's brow furrowed. It was... almost like... Sky knew what she was thinking. "Hey, there's my brother." Sky pointed out suddenly. "Vincent, come here!" Sky called a boy over. The boy rolled his hazel eyes in response, but came over anyway. "What, Sky?" He asked. "This is Alexandra, the new one." Sky smiled, more subdued than she had been in the beginning. Vincent observed her as Alexandra did the same. Long, straight dark brown hair that turned almost red in the light adorned Alexandra's head. Alexandra had soft features with a Mediterranean tan. Soft, adorable lips, a button nose, high cheekbones. An athletic, yet petite figure. She looked about sixteen or so. Vincent had a more rugged, yet pretty boy appearance, and looked about the same age. Long light brown hair swept across his head and a bit of his face. Hazel eyes that... She couldn't even explain it, really. They were just so... hazel. Athletic build, with muscles well-toned, but not overly so to the point where it was gross. "Vincent." He smirked. "Alexandra." She coolly greeted back. "I like this one." He smirked with a wink before he walked off back to his spot as the teacher walked in. 'Arrogant...' Alexandra's thoughts were cut off. "He's arrogant, yeah, but don't let him get to you. He just likes winding people up." Sky informed her. Alexandra frowned. What. The. Hell. Sky did it again. "The Science of Observation is easy. I could see it in your face that you were annoyed." Sky told her with a small smile. Alexandra mentally shrugged as she nodded. "You two don't look alike." She mused. "I'm adopted." Sky smiled, seemingly unaffected by it. "Oh, sorry..." Alexandra cleared her throat. "It's fine. I'm actually a bit relieved. It means I'm not related to the two retards I call my brother and dad." Sky winked playfully. Alexandra went to reply, maybe with an amused chuckle, but was cut off. "Alright, everyone, this is an AP class, so I want you..." ... Alexandra pushed some hair out of her face as she put her books in her locker. It was lunch. She planned on walking to the Starbucks a block or so away. What she wouldn't give for her longboard right now. Why did she neglect to bring her longboard to school again? "Hey, Lexi! Oh, can I call you Lexi?" Sky asked just as Alexandra began to wonder where Sky got that from. "... Sure." She conceded. "My friends and I are gonna go to Starbucks. Wanna join?" She asked. "We are?" A boy about eighteen asked, pierced eyebrow raised and a very obvious British accent. "Yep!" Sky grinned at him, eyes more than a bit adoring. Alexandra couldn't conceal a smirk as she thought that Sky had a crush on this mystery boy. "I don't! Don't smirk like that!" Sky whined as she begged Alexandra with her eyes. Alexandra was startled before she remembered the 'Science of Observation' bit from before. "Well, anyway come on, guys, let's get going." Sky grinned before she walked off. Alexandra didn't remember agreeing, but it wasn't like she wasn't going to Starbucks in the first place. Might as well. ... "Okay, so let's do proper introductions." Sky grinned as she sat down, blueberry scone and mocha in hand. "This is James," She pointed to the boy from before, who nodded to her before turning to Sky. "It's rude to point, love. You may have good tastes in music and literature, but you're still an American at heart." He sighed as he took her hand and returned it to her side. Sky's eyes once again held that adoring look as she otherwise looked normal. "Right. This is Nicole." Sky nodded to a girl who looked to be a Freshman as well. "Hi." The girl smiled shyly, German accent showing. "This is Kaoru." She nodded to another boy. "Hey." The boy grinned. Japanese. "This is Chao." She nodded to another boy, who grinned. Chinese. "And that's our crew." Sky grinned. "Pretty awesome, aren't we?" She joked with a wink. 'Diverse, I'd say.' Alexandra thought as Sky giggled lightly. "What are you laughing about?" James raised a brow. "Nothing, nothing." Sky smiled. Alexandra observed them as they spoke and the others talked and joked around. Sky had light green eyes with a curious and mischievous sparkle to them. Her long, straight dark brown hair was beautiful, and she had soft features and an adorable smile. She had tan skin only slightly lighter than Alexandra's. She was also... well-endowed, to say the least. She looked about fifteen or so. Her uniform was mostly up to code, except two of her buttons were undone, showing a bit of cleavage from time to time, though Alexandra doubted that Sky realized that. Her eyes showed plainly her crush for James, as they lit up even further as they spoke. James had dyed red hair with green eyes as radioactive as Alexandra's own. He looked about eighteen. He had multiple piercings over his face. Eyebrows, lips, nose stud, and a few studs on his ears. As she looked more intently, she could see a tongue piercing as well. Then there was the black nail polish. His school uniform's tie was loose, three buttons undone on his shirt. All in all, he looked very much like he didn't belong to this group, and more to a group of 'emo', so to speak, punk and alternative teens. Then Alexandra noticed the slight softening of his eyes when he looked at Sky and how he was completely focused on her. Nicole had bright blue eyes and blonde hair, as well as pale skin. The stereotypical German. She blended into the background a bit. She appeared about fourteen or so. Her uniform was completely up to code, not a single thing out of place. Kaoru was all laughs and grins, it seemed. He looked about seventeen, but acted like a twelve-year-old, Alexandra mused as he cracked a dirty joke. He had short black hair, a sort of tan complexion, and black... dark, dark brown (?) eyes. He had a single earring in one of his ears. His uniform was carelessly worn, buttons unbuttoned, shirt wrinkled, and no tie. Chao looked eighteen or so. He had long, as in long, black hair. She was kind of surprised the school allowed him to keep it that long, since it was below his shoulders. He had an earring in his ear as well, the opposite one from Kaoru, it seemed. He seemed a bit like Kaoru, constant grins and laughter erupting from him, though to a calmer and lesser extent. She wondered- Oh. Oh. Oh. Alexandra stared as Kaoru began playing with Chao's hair. Her cheeks lit up a bit as she fought the urge to internally fangirl. And that was the group. Interesting, to say the least.
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