Dreams From Real

Adrian Was that girl who wanted the perfect guy (bad boy) someone who would treat her roughly but little did she know a good guy would treat her better than whatever it is that she wanted.Her bad boy name would be Jonathan Hence the guy you would jump at because of the thought of him being in the same room as you or jump with excitement because of lust for him.Then there is his complete opposite Andrew Bronan sweet kind if you treat you like a lady should be treated and rough and horny at special sweet times.Andrew will love,but Jonathan wouldn't care about loving you what-so-ever. Who will Adrian pick what's good or what is bad you can't chose for her only she can and she alone for her decision.


1. The Breakup And Fantasies










Chapter 1



"Come on Adrian stop dreaming about this guy because it's not gonna happen ok he's popular and may I remind you that we're not."Kylie whisper shouted in Adrian's ear in the process  getting spit on the side of her face.

"EWW!!!,are you trying to make us any less popular by spitting on me they are going to think we (Kylie) spit on each other (Adrian) all the time."Adrian said totally grossed out and embarrassed at the same time.At that moment Adrian saw Jonathan across the hall of Jamesburgh Highschool where he and his friends sat there and laughed at her and Kylie. Kylie looked down only to look up again only this time with anger in her eyes before Adrian knew it Kylie was over with the boys and and slapped all of them before anybody could blink an eye.Then Jonathan's brother Aaron looked up and smirked and I almost gagged at what he did next.He grabbed my best friend by her !!butt!! and kissed her she was fighting to be let go for maybe fifteen seconds before she gave in.By this time they were full on making-out .Until Principal Butie came out of his office and told everyone to get to class.Everyone listened except for three people Kylie ,Aaron ,and Jonathan.

"I said get to class children!"this time Jonathan listened but of course the other two didn't Principal Butie had to pull Kylie away. Kylie then frowned at the thought of his delicious soft lips being taken away from her.

"We'll finish this later babe believe that."Aaron said walking away licking his lips.Which made Kylie bite her lip.That's sadly not all Kylie did she got loose from the principal ,ran after Aaron ,and gave him a quick fifteen second kiss.She looked down sort of embarrassed.Aaron didn't want her to be embarrassed so he lifted her chin and gave her a sweet passionate  kiss before walking off.

****(A/N -I will be doing some POV's because I don't know how to do with this type of story but if I use it again it is the same delima .

Also I  would also like to say if you are reading i like comments good or bad so please send some my way.Also the sign (Y/R)means your religion.

Enjoy the story! ~~~~ Note:There might be some foul language in Aaron's POV with him and Johnathan and maybe more POV's.  )****


Aaron's POV

I couldn't stop thinking about Kylie and her watermelon flavored lips.To think that me and my brother have been making fun of her for these two years in highschool when we could have been banging her in our rooms if we wanted to.The thing that caught me off guard was when she came over and slapped me ,my brother ,and  all of our friends.Sure it pissed me off for maybe a few seconds but when I saw how sexy looking she was I wanted to do so much more then kiss her,but that's another story and for the future pleasure of myself.

"Dude what the hell were you thinking kissing Kylie like that are you trying to ruin our f-ing reputation at this school around here kissing that bitch!!!"Johnathan shouted when I got in the door of our mansion.

"No I was kissing a sexy ass girl."I said nonchalantly.

"What you don't understand asshole is that she is smart and a good girl we are the bad guys so if you get the picture I think we're done here."Johnathan said as if he were smart which he obviously isn't. 


Adrian's POV

"You do remember what it is that you told me earlier Kylie right so stop dreaming about this guy because it's not gonna happen ok he's popular and may I remind you that we're not and he's the bad guy how stupid can you be to fall head over heels for him!!!!!!!!!!!"I shouted

"Look your just jealous because you wanted a Hence guy and I got one so why don't you be a real friend and be happy for me huh A (Adrian's nickname)"Kylie retorted.

"That's bullshit ok I am a real friend I don't want you to get hurt so if that's not a real friend then I don't know what is!"I shouted.

Your absolutely correct for once you don't know what a real friend is because your not one A!!!!!"Kylie shouted back at me  

"You F-ING BITCH I'm the definition of a real friend your not!!"I shouted losing my temper.

"Well you sure are a shitty one at that because I f-ing hate your ass!!1"she screamed back.

"You know I fell for the same shit Kyles (Kylie's nickname) and I ripped me apart so for you to tell me I'm anything other than a good friend your psychotic."I say trying to control my anger.

" You know I'm right you are anything other than a good friend you're a bitch and that story you told is full of shit and I'm gonna flush it all the way down the f-ing toilet ok"Kylie said in a the bitchiest tone she could muster.

"You know what get your slutty ass out of my house you bitch a don't you even dare come to me and say he broke your your heart 'cause I'm gonna say I told you so bitch!"I say angry.

"Fine I'll go I mean who needs a bitch for a friend anyway"she says then storms off out of my house a slams my front door.She better be glad I believe in (Y/R) because other than that I would be going after that bitch and pull every last stand of hair out of her head.At that moment I was pissed off.Right at then my little brother Matthew came in with the cutest face that made me smile.


****(A/N - Hey guys so she has siblings Matthew who is five ,Addi (Addison) who is eight, and Max who is fourteen.When I was picking another girl at first I wanted it to just an A but then I saw the Ma...... in Matt's (Matthew) and Maximum's (Max) name and then I thought the girl's name should be Ad so that's how I came up with the name but picking the girl was hard then I was like is one is perfect.So I hope you like them Bye and enjoy my story smooches !!!!!)****


"Are you ok sissy poo ?"Matthew asked me.

"Of course I'm ok Matt don't worry."I say reassuring him.I knew that everyone was home by now if Matt was here. Every other day I pick up all my siblings Matt,Maximum,And Addie up today was my turn and I forgot and didn't which usually meant something was wrong.Then right after Matt left Addie sassy when it comes to me and Max protective when it comes to me came in the door.

"So what's wrong ?"Addie asked sassily. They both stared at me waiting for my answer.

"Nothing you guys I just fell asleep." I say nervously then try and laugh it off.

"Yeah right let's go Add she'll tell us sooner or later she always does."Max said leaving with his arms crossed.



Kylie's POV

I can't believe that asshole how dare she call me a bitch and disapprove of my guy like that.Then I decided I would call up my baby Aaron and see if he wants to finish what we started.





****( A/N - So hey guys this is the end of this chapter and I'm so happy so if I haven't updated in a while so sorry I've been being lazy so..........Anyway tell me if you like it or the characters should I add more or no..........Also I wanted to know if you guys wanted me to make a sequel or not so I definitely need comments guys Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )****





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