Dreams From Real

Adrian Was that girl who wanted the perfect guy (bad boy) someone who would treat her roughly but little did she know a good guy would treat her better than whatever it is that she wanted.Her bad boy name would be Jonathan Hence the guy you would jump at because of the thought of him being in the same room as you or jump with excitement because of lust for him.Then there is his complete opposite Andrew Bronan sweet kind if you treat you like a lady should be treated and rough and horny at special sweet times.Andrew will love,but Jonathan wouldn't care about loving you what-so-ever. Who will Adrian pick what's good or what is bad you can't chose for her only she can and she alone for her decision.


2. Betrayal Is A Bitch When It's From Your Friend

Aaron I wanted to say I love You I think now I sound like a pathetic person and just after I was fussing and cussing like nobody was listening to Adrian.Now it's like I lost all confidence like I do all the time  when I went up to the guys to slap them I felt confident and now that I'm around Aaron I feel shy and I never feel shy I just usually ignore things.I gathered my last thoughts and knocked on the door I wasn't even finished knocking when the door immediately opened revealing a shirtless Aaron smirking.

"I was wondering when you were going to knock what you having second thoughts about kissing me or somethin' ?"he asked staring at me waiting for my answer.I lied

"I-i-I didn't see your car"I say looking down twirling my hair.He laughed

"Haha nice lie but you know what me car looks like and it's right over there with your car parked right behind it."he said pointing out facts that I forgot and I can't believe I just got burned and I hate getting burned.I had no words.

"What you don't trust me to kiss you anymore ?"he asked.

"I do I've just never been in your house before"I say I think truthfully.He crosses his arms."what I'm telling the truth !" I say in defense.

"Are you sure that me and my brother never you invited you and your friend to a party ?"he asked arching his eyebrow.I shake my head unsure of what he is talking about.

" Oh so you and your friend just sneaked in because I could have sworn I seen you and your friend at our party last year.My eyes got big he say us I looked down.

"I completely forgot about that and it was my idea."I say shrugging. He laughs.

"I knew I saw you because I see everything."he says cockily."Come on let's finish what we started." he say and leads me into his home.



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