Zombie Apocalypse



2. The Cabin

     Once we got to the cabin we went inside and locked the doors. Mom and Patty Luke's mom, and Steve Luke's dad were inside. We were all frightened, they said that they seen some people running, when we were hunting but they just stayed inside. Luke and Dad seen a person they thought he was just hunting, but they came to realize that he was not just any person. Then we sat around the table we were discussing what we had saw and what we should do.

        Then later that day I were watching the news and nothing was really on. Then we all heard a bunch of growling and it was coming closer. I looked out the window then looked back and I told everyone to come to the kitchen. Everyone was there except for Issac I realized he was outside in the backyard. Me and Luke ran as fast as we could and I could run as fast as him because I was in basketball and track. I found him by the pond and Luke snatched him up and started shooting those things. I am going to call them walkers. 



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