What happens to Katniss and Peeta after Mockingjay? Alongside how they cope with their nightmares and memories of the games? Read along to find out.

Katniss and Peeta have been back in District twelve for a few years now, the have already grown closer again. But will Katniss' and Peeta's relationship carry on? Will they be more than 'Star Crossed Lovers'? Will they become a family?


19. It Isn't Real

Willow is a huge part of mine and Peeta’s life. She has brought so much joy and happiness to us. She is our little star. It has been nearly eight months since Willow came into this world. And I swear, those eight months, have been the best months of my life.


Willow starts to crawl up to me on the sofa and begins to tug my hair. Haymitch, who insisted on keeping me company whilst Peeta is at the bakery, is sat at the other side. I know when he turned up on the door step this morning that it was just an excuse. Haymitch has been very fond of Willow since the day she was born and he will do anything to be with her. He even gave up drinking. And I couldn't have been more shocked when he told me.


Although Willow may only be eight months old, she has quite a lot of hair. Her hair is dark as mine but that is as far as it goes. She has Peeta’s soft curls and blue eyes. It is an understatement to say she is gorgeous. The phone begins to ring.


"Here, look after her whilst i take this call" I say, passing Willow to Haymitch.


I run over to the phone and pick it up, just before it stops ringing.


"Hello. Who is this" I ask.


"Oh, hello Katniss. It is Annie"


"Oh, hi Annie"


"I was just wondering if you mind if Finley and I come and stay for a couple of days. We haven't seen you in a while and we haven't seen little Willow in a while"


"Sure you can"


"Are you sure, ever since we left the hospital Finley has been asking to go and see her again. He also wants another story from Peeta"


"Peeta's stories are amazing aren’t they"


"Yeah" She replies.


"Willow will not go to bed unless she as her nightly routine of a story from Peeta and a song from me"


"Anyway, thanks a lot and I will see you either tomorrow or Wednesday"


"Bye" I place the phone back onto the wall and head back to Haymitch and Willow. I pick her up out of Haymitch's arms and sit down on the floor with her on my lap.


"Annie and Finley coming either tomorrow or Wednesday" I say.


"That will be nice; I haven't seen Mrs Odair in a while" Haymitch replies. I'm not surprised he hasn't seen her in a while. The last time they meet Haymitch was abnormally drunk and threw a pint of milk all over her. Annie was not happy. Haymitch must be thinking of the last time they meet as well as i hear him snigger.


"It isn't funny, and you can be sure that Annie won't go anywhere near you this time" I say.


"It isn't my fault, the stupid cat got in the way"


"Oh, so you are saying that the stupid cat has magical powers and instantly go from one place to another in mili seconds. Buttercup was at the other side of the room"


"Well all I'm just saying is that if you had succeeded in drowning him when you first got him, that pint of milk would have never have gone all over Annie"


"How did you know that I tried to drown him when we first got him" I ask.


"Your mother told me on your and Peeta's wedding day along with a lot of other things that you did when you were young"


"Haymitch. What else did she tell you?"


"Not much" He says with a sly smile. I'll get you to tell me. I think.


"Don't tease my Katniss" A voice behind me exclaims. I turn around to see Peeta standing in the doorway. I didn't even hear him open the front door. Willow wriggles out of my grasp and crawls over to Peeta.


"Hello my little princess" He says as he picks her up of the floor and cuddles her.


A few hours later after Haymitch has left, Willow is asleep in her bed, Peeta and I are snuggled up to each other in our own bed. Peeta is sleeping softly and I am about to go to sleep, not knowing about the horrors that will soon awake me in the night...


"PRIM" I scream as I head into the part of the jungle where her voice is coming from. I stumble over a few vines which are lying on the ground but they don't stop me, I just keep on running so I can reach my little sister.


"KATNISS" She shouts. Her voice sounds worried and I have to get to her as soon as possible. Before the careers get her.


"I'M COMMING PRIM" I shout to her. I can see a figure in the same wetsuit as everybody else, a child, standing beyond the gigantic leaf in front of me. Down the back is a long blonde braid. My little sister. What is she doing here? I think to myself. I run past the leaves and wrap my arms around her tightly.


"Katniss, your here" She sobs.


"Yes, I'm here. Don’t worry" I reply trying to calm her down.


""What are you doing here" I ask.


"They got me, mother and Gale and took us to the Capitol. I heard that Mom and Gale are with President Snow. They just dropped me off here" She replies.


"Come on Prim, let’s go where it is safe. The jungle isn't safe" I say. I lead her onto the beach where Peeta, Beetee, Finnick and Johanna are sat and I sit down next to Peeta with Prim.


"Prim? What are you doing here" He asks.


"The Capitol captured her, mother and Gale. Mom and Gale are with President Snow. They just dropped her off here" I say.


"Why though? I don't understand" He says.


"It won’t be long before all the districts start to rebelle, I mean look this is against the rules. I never thought the Capitol was this messed up" Johanna shouts.


"Katniss, I'm scared" Prim says.


"Prim, don't worry, I'm here" I say.


"No, I am scared because one of us will have to die for the other to get out" She says. I had never thought of it that way, Prim is now a part of their horrible games.


"Shh Prim, it will be alright" I say. Even though I know it won't.


"Here, it's best to stay hydrated when it is hot" Finnick says whilst handing a little weaved basket full of water over to Prim.


"Thank you" She replies. She takes hold of the basket and begins to drink the water.


It all happens within a split second, I see Brutus and Enobaria come running up to us, I push Prim into the jungle, hoping they don't notice her. I get Brutus in one shot, with my last arrow, but Enobaria runs past me, where Prim is hidden.


"NO" I scream. But it is too late, Prim is lying on the sand with a knife stuck in her stomach. By the side of her is Peeta with a knife also stuck in his stomach. Finnick's trident goes flying into Enobarias back and she falls onto the sand.


"No” I sob. I crouch down between them and take their hands.


"I'm so sorry" I whisper. I plant a kiss onto Prims forehead, and I plant another kiss onto Peeta's soft lips. Two cannons boom throughout the arena.


"NOOOOOO" I sit up in bed screaming.


"Shh, Katniss, I am right here. It was just a dream, it isn't real" Peeta says, he sits up in bed next to me and wraps his arms around me.

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