What happens to Katniss and Peeta after Mockingjay? Alongside how they cope with their nightmares and memories of the games? Read along to find out.

Katniss and Peeta have been back in District twelve for a few years now, the have already grown closer again. But will Katniss' and Peeta's relationship carry on? Will they be more than 'Star Crossed Lovers'? Will they become a family?


20. Got To Get Her To Tell Me



I tightly hold onto Katniss' scared, shaking body.


"It's okay, don’t worry. You're safe” I whisper gently. She doesn't say anything but wrap her arms around me.  We sit in each other’s embrace for around five minutes until I speak up.


"Do you want to go and sit downstairs with a mug of hot chocolate?" I ask. She just nods her head. I get out of bed, the air is nippy so I take hold of Katniss' robe and help her put it on. She takes a firm grip of my hand and we walk downstairs.


"Here you sit here whist I make the hot chocolate" I say as I sit Katniss down onto the couch.


I walk into the kitchen and begin to make the hot chocolate. What could have scared her so much that she is too scared to even speak? I don't know, but I know one thing. I am going to have to get her to tell me.


"Katniss honey, what was your nightmare about?" I ask her as I hand her a mug of hot chocolate.


"I don't know whether I want to speak about it." She replies. Her voice is shaky. I sit down beside her and take hold of her hand.


"I'm not saying you will, but sometimes talking about stuff that scare us can help us feel a lot better" I say. She sighs.




She begins to tell me about finding Prim in the quarter quell, and how she was captured by the Capitol along with her mother and Gale. She then tells me about Enobaria and Brutus attacking us.


"Enobaria then stabs you and Prim in the stomach, and, and" She stops.


"It's okay, I'm right here" I say pulling her into a hug.


"It's just that, if I protected her better. She wouldn't have died" She says.


"Katniss, you did everything possible to protect Prim, you took her place in the reaping. That had never happened before in our district. When you took her place, everyone could clearly see that you loved her and wanted to protect her. It isn't your fault she died. Stop blaming yourself for it"






"When will we tell Willow without scaring her to death? I mean she will need to know at some point. We can't just hide it from her, and she will learn about them when she is ten at school. It would be best if we told her about it before she learns about it in school" She says.


I take a deep breath and think. I don't want to tell her about it too early but I don't want to tell her about it when it is too late.


"When she turns nine" I suggest. Katniss nods.


"Isn't it scary how she will be turning one in four months?" Katniss says. I nod my head in agreement.


"They grow up so quick" I say.


"I'm glad they don't have to grow up as quick as we had to. I mean as soon as you turned twelve, that was it. Well in my case it was eleven" Katniss adds on. 


"When your dad was killed" I ask. She nods


"It was five for me" I say.


"My mum said that as soon as we start school we had to grow up and become real men. I tried my best but she always seemed so disappointed in me. Weather it was my clumsiness I don't know" I finish of. Katniss' grey eyes are full of sorrow as I look into them


"I'm so sorry" Katniss says.


"It isn't your fault, you have nothing to be sorry for." I say.


"I know, but I'm sorry your mother treated you like that" She says. She leans up to kiss me.


"Can I ask you one thing though, was it your clumsiness that knocked the bread into the fire or did you do It on purpose" Katniss asks


I take a deep breath and begin to tell Katniss the story of how I saved her life...


"Why do all the seam children think that it is okay to go routing through our bins" My mother shouts as she storms in. She points to a girl through the window.

"URGH! Seam brats" I look at the seam girl. Then I notice, it isn't just any old seam girl, it is Katniss. The girl who sang in music assembly six years ago. The girl who stole my heart. No way was I going to let her die of starvation. I stare at the two unbaked loaves of bread in my hands. All I need to do is burn them then my mother won’t want to sell them and then she will make me toss them to the pigs. It will cost me a few bruises but Katniss is the love of my life and I will do anything to keep her alive. I put both loaves into the oven for a few minutes, just so they are cooked inside and whilst my mother and father have their backs turned I pretend to trip over a bag of flour and 'accidentally' knock the bread into the blazing fire.

"PEETA YOU STUPID BOY" My mother shouts. She picks up a wooden spoon of the table and begins to slap my left cheek bone constantly until my father stops her.

"Look, it was an accident. Peeta tripped over the bag of flour on the flour and accidentally knocked the bread. Just let it go" He says. My mother sighs and points outside to the pig.

"FEED IT TO THE PIG. YOU STUPID CREATURE! NO ONE DESCENT WILL BUY BURNED BREAD" I walk outside, over to the pig. I can feel my mother’s eyes still watching me. I slowly rip of small pieces of the first loaf and chuck them over to the pig. When I can no longer feel her eyes piercing into me, I turn to make sure the coast is clear. It is. I then turn to Katniss. She looks hungry, scared and unwell, at deaths door and if she doesn't have anything to eat soon she will be dead. Her grey eyes eye the second loaf like it is gold. I'm not going to let her die, no way I can't let that happen. I love her.

I chuck the bread over to her and then before my mother comes out screaming at me, saying I have taken to long, I head back into the bakery.


Katniss runs her finger over my left cheek bone.


"Peeta you didn't have to take a beating for me" Katniss says.


"Yes I did. I love you. I will do anything for you" I say I quickly kiss her soft lips.


"I love you too" Katniss replies.


I glance up at the clock and notice that it is 6am. The sun is shining brightly through the window and Annie and Finley will be here in a few hours. Willow will also be waking up now.


"I'm going to go and get Willow, she will be awake anytime soon" I say. I give Katniss a kiss and walk upstairs to Willow's room. As soon as I step in, her blue eyes instantly lock on me.


"Good morning princess" I say as I pick her up. Willow giggles. I smile,


"Want to go and see Mommy” She begins to bounce up and down in my grasp.


"Hey, be careful or you could hurt yourself" I say. I kiss her cheek and carry her downstairs to Katniss.


"Hello sunshine" Katniss says as I hand her Willow. Katniss now may not look it, but she is frightened from the nightmare.


"Guess who’s coming today? Auntie Annie and Finley" Katniss says in her baby voice.


"You should use that voice more often. It suits you" I laugh.


"Shut up" she says whilst flinging a cushion in my direction but misses.


"I think you should stick with shooting arrows. Not cushions" I say laughing.


"Well Mr Mellark, practice makes perfect" She flings another cushion towards me and gets my arm. She laughs.


"Told you practise makes perfect"


"I'm going to go and get breakfast, seeing as we are all up" I say.

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