What happens to Katniss and Peeta after Mockingjay? Alongside how they cope with their nightmares and memories of the games? Read along to find out.

Katniss and Peeta have been back in District twelve for a few years now, the have already grown closer again. But will Katniss' and Peeta's relationship carry on? Will they be more than 'Star Crossed Lovers'? Will they become a family?


9. Gender

Later on we are gathered around the fireplace along with, my mom, Effie, Haymitch, Greasy Sae, her granddaughter Olivia and Annie with her and Finnick's son, Finley. I got changed out of my dress because it is beautiful and I didn't want to ruin it. Instead I put on a knee length, sunset orange dress.


Peeta gets himself a match and hands me one so we can light the fire together. He then gets out the bread, which smells really cheesy and we begin to toast the bread together. Once the bread is toasted everyone cheers and we share the bread around, that's when I feel the baby kick. I pick up Peetas hand and put it onto my belly. He gasps.


"Did our baby really just kick" He asks, I smile.


"Yes it did Peeta.”


It isn't long before everyone is crowding around me, putting their hands onto my belly to feel the baby kick. Even Finley, Annie's son comes crawling over and puts his tiny hands onto my belly.


"Do you know what gender it will be" Annie asks.


"Not until tomorrow, no" I reply.


Finley soon notices Buttercup and begins to crawl around after him.


"oh no you don't" Annie says whilst scooping him up in her arms.


Olivia comes skipping up towards us with her arms behind her back.


"I drew you this" She says whilst handing us a crumpled piece of paper. I unfold it and it is a drawing of me, Peeta and the baby in the woods.


"Thank you Olivia, it is very pretty" Peeta and I both say in unison. She gives me a hug and then skips of to Greasy Sae. The next thing I know everyone is crowding us, handing us presents, clothes for the baby, ornaments, but the most beautiful gift comes from Peeta. He hands me a small box and I open it to discover a necklace, on the necklace is the pearl Peeta gave to me in the quell, there is also a note.


To my beautiful Katniss, I feel so lucky to have you as a wife, when you said yes to me when I proposed to you my heart jumped for joy, I have loved you ever since I was five and I will never ever stop loving you. You are perfect. You are my everything,


                                                              Lots and lots and lots of love, Peeta xxxxxxxx


"Thank you Peeta it is beautiful" I say in awe


"Here let me put it on you" He says, I hand him the necklace and lift my hair up whilst he puts it on. When he has finished I turn towards him and kiss him.


When it is time for dinner Effie beacons us all into the kitchen. Peeta sits on my right with Olivia on my left. For starters we have pumpkin soup, which is one of Peeta's favourites. For the main we have lamb stew with dried plumbs. Which didn't take me long to eat considering it is my favourite dish. Then the cake was brought out, the most beautiful cake ever. It was three tiers, round. It had white icing and fake twigs and berries going around the bottom of each tier. On the very top is an arc made out of fake twigs and two mini figures, which are Peeta and me.


Peeta and I both cut the cake together and give everyone around the table an equal sized slice.


"I let Effie sort the cake out, I wanted that to be a surprise for both of us" Peeta says as i tuck into my slice. Chocolate, it is delicious but not as nice as Peeta's cakes.


"Thank you Effie, the cake is beautiful" I say.


"You welcome Katniss"


When we have all finished eating we head back into the lounge. Greasy Sae and Olivia go not so long after the dinner as Olivia has school tomorrow. I rest my head on Peeta's shoulder. Today has been perfect. Effie comes trotting in and sits next to us on the couch.


"I am so happy for both of you, you are going to be a perfect family" She says whilst giving my belly a little pat. I smile.


"Thank you Effie" We both say in unison.


"I am going to put Finley to bed and get some rest myself" Annie says standing up with Finley in her arms.


"OK, night Annie" I Say.


"Night Katniss, night Peeta"


Annie, Finley and Effie will be staying in the guest rooms and mom will be in her old room. I feel another kick from the baby.


"Peeta it’s kicking again" I say, he puts his hand onto my belly.


"That is a strong one, well this proves it is going to be a little fighter just like its mom" He laughs. He gives me a kiss,


"Come on, I think you should get some rest"


We say good night to mom, Effie and Haymitch, Peeta picks me up bridal style and carries me up to our room. We quickly get changed into our night clothes. Peeta walks up to me, once he is finished in the bathroom, and wraps his arms around me.


"Today has been perfect" I say.


"The most perfect day of my life" I add on.


Peeta kisses my cheek,


"The most perfect day of my life as well" He says. He pulls me closer as I lose myself in his lush blue eyes, in his eyes all I see is honesty, love, kindness and happiness. I close my eyes and feel his soft warm lips plunge deeply onto mine. It's gentle, yet passionate. I feel his hands running down my back, sending shivers down my spine and fireworks through my mind .I run my fingers through his soft golden curls. His hands begin to move up my back and he starts to run his fingers through my hair.  He lifts me up, I wrap my legs around his waist and pushes me against the bathroom door, continuing the kiss. It isn't long before we both have to stop, for air. Peeta carries me over to the bed and gently lays me down. He climbs in next to me and pulls up my pyjama top, just so you can only see the baby bump. Peeta begins to kiss it repeatedly. I begin to giggle a little as they tickle.


"Daddy and Mommy both love you so much" He whispers when he is finished. I smile, he definitely has a heart of gold. He moves his head onto the crisp white pillow, as next to me as possible. He puts his hands onto my belly like he does every night and the other arm around me.


"I love you so much Mrs Mellark" Peeta whispers. I smile, because now I realise I am Not Miss Everdeen any more. I am Mrs Mellark, Peeta’s wife. I have been married to the most perfect man in the world, a man that loves me as much as I love him; our love for each other goes beyond infinity.


"I love you so much more Mr Mellark" I reply.


Peeta gives me another gentle kiss before we drift off into a blissful sleep with no nightmares for once.




"Katniss Mellark" Dr Lydia calls. I can't stop myself from smiling, the first time i have heard someone say my new name, and it sounds so dreamy, so perfect. Peeta and I both stand up and walk towards her room. This is it, I think. 


"How did yesterday go?" She asks as we walk into her room. She has short brown hair.


"Perfect" I reply.


I lay down on the bed that is in her room, I pull up my t-shirt whilst Dr Lydia puts the cold gel onto my belly. I nervously take hold of Peeta’s hand whilst he gives me a reassuring kiss. She then takes hold of a little device which she puts on my belly; it is basically like a camera. Dr Lydia concentrates on the screen for around a minute until she speaks up.


"Mr, and Mrs Mellark, you will be expecting a baby girl" I smile.


I turn to look at Peeta who is also smiling. As soon as Lydia is finished cleaning the gel of, Peeta picks me up and spins me in the air.


"My beautiful wife is going to have a beautiful baby girl" He says as he gently lowers me onto the floor. He pulls me towards him and he lowers an places his lips onto mine. 

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