What happens to Katniss and Peeta after Mockingjay? Alongside how they cope with their nightmares and memories of the games? Read along to find out.

Katniss and Peeta have been back in District twelve for a few years now, the have already grown closer again. But will Katniss' and Peeta's relationship carry on? Will they be more than 'Star Crossed Lovers'? Will they become a family?


21. Annie and Finley

In a few minutes, we're going to be meeting up with Annie and her son Finley at the train station of Twelve before taking them to an old street in Twelve where they've opened up a cafe. Peeta would prefer not to go there since it seems to be soaking up all his buyers, but I told him that if his food is amazing, then it must be heaven and therefore, we should be obliged to go there and eat fancy foods. Plus, it leads into a small little pen-like circle which I've heard is fun for kids. That will give us time to catch up with Annie while Finley and Willow get aquainted.
"Peeta," I call over my shoulder as I survey my daughter. "Peeta, why have you made her look like a cabitch patch kid?" 
Willow giggles in my arms and starts to squirm, the layers of her floofy bright green dress tickle my face as I make sure I don't drop her on the floor.
"Aww come on," Peeta appears at the top of the stairs. "She's so cute!"
"For a cabitch patch kid," I set her on the ground and watch as she crawls around in the dress with a dark green cap to top off the look that reminds me of the greens Prim was allergic to.
"Did you get the dress from Effie?"
"Yeah, it was something she gave us a while ago."
I let out a sigh that tells Peeta that for now, he's won our little argument over my daughter, a cabitch. 
"Are you dressed?" I ask him as I head for the kitchen, set on finding that bun loaf I know he made for us a few nights ago.
"Yup. You?"
I shake my head as I rifle through the fridge.
"I'm going to eat and then I'll change into something nicer."
"You look nice to me," he moves up behind me and rests his hands on my waist. Little skitters drift up my arms.
I turn to face him and rap my arms around his neck, smiling mischeviously. Food is all but forgotten now.
"You always say that."
"Well, you always look nice. Except when you're mad and you scowl, that makes you look pretty bad."
I scowl without thinking and he laughs as he presses his lips to mine, once, twice, repeatedly until we get that into it he lifts me up gently so I can wrap my legs around his waist and pushes me against the fridge.
"I don't think now's a good time," I manage to say around his lips, but he only chuckles. 
"Oh how I wish. We should probably be leaving. We have five minutes to get to the train station."
I jerk out of Peeta's arms, nearly smacking my elbow on the counter as I scramble for the stairs, running past my daughter who's playing with some blocks in the lounge room.
When I get to our room, I throw open the cupboard and throw on the first matchings things I can find and that seem clean enough. Pulling my hair into a ponytail, I pause only long enough infront of the mirror to see if I look decent. 
A black t-shirt stretches across my chest, adding emphasis to the curves I usually forget I have. The black skirt I have on with it brushes the top of my knees and without thinking, I threw on a pair of pale pink sandals that must have come from Effie as well. I deem myself decent and run down the stairs.
"Let's go see Annie and Finley!"


"I've changed my mind," Peeta sighs. "This really is amazing."
Annie and I meet each other's gazes and giggle. 
We're currently sitting outside the new cafe with our children, Willow and Finley, playing in the kids pen only a few meters away so we can keep an eye on them.
The cafe we speak of is located down a narrow side street I'd walk home along so I could be quicker and faster. The cafe's not all that big, but I really think they should consider expanding since there's at least fifteen people like us now munching on their delecacies as we survey the street art that decorates the walls.
"I told you should give them a chance," I elbow him playfully and he nearly chokes on the cheesecake he decided on.
"This is really quite lovely," Annie peers around. "How long has this been here?"
"I have no idea," Peeta shrugs. "But my customers have slowly started to dwindle."
"I'll always buy your cheese buns," I grin, but he just laughs.
"You mean, I'll buy my cheese buns. I'm the source of our income."
We hear a giggle and we all look over to the pen where we see Willow playing in the sandpit alongside Finley who seems to be building a sand castle. 
"He's grown so much," I survey the boy. 
"He has," Annie agrees, dusting crumbs off her beautiful red dress. "There are these moments when I'll turn and see him and all I can think of is...."
Her eyes tear up and I quickly reach out to grab her hand. Peeta does the same.
"Annie, we're always here to support you," he says gently. "It must be so hard. I couldn't imagine going on without Katniss."
"I do it for him," she shakily nods towards Finley. "If it weren't for my boy... I think I would have... you know."
We do know. I guess suicide has been on everyone's mind. 
"Finnick would want you both to be happy," I point out and her brown eyes flicker to mine.
"I know. He was lovely that way."
I'd hope so. I know Finnick could be arrogant, but something tells me that arrogance went away every time Annie was around. 
Peeta looks like he's going to say something more when his eyes drift to the pen.
"Aww man," he chuckles and stands to his feet. Annie and I turn to see the issue and start to laugh.
My daughter seems to be destructive. 
Finley stands behind his castle, horror on his face as Willow decides it would be a good time to try and crawl over it, her chubby hands smashing the castle to ruins. 
As Peeta rushes over to stop her, I turn back to Annie and give her hand a squeeze.
"It's really good to see you, you know."
She smiles and squeezes my hand back.
"It's good to see you, too."

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