Devil Warriors

It was night when i first saw them. Robine is sixteen when her father dies, she doesn't now how he died. But ever since she got strange nightmares always from the same things, blue light, swords and faces. Faces she doesn't recognize


3. ~Chapter 3: A Terribel discovery~

~~~Chapter 3~~~~

At the end of the school day i grab my bike and run over to where Axelle is."Why do you always take so long to get youre bike!" "Stop being so grumpy Axe, come on are we going?" "Yeah lets go."


~~~~~~~~~Time Lap~~~~~~~~~~~~


"Darling i'm so happy to see you again, come in we have al lot to discuss." says Gloria."Hello Grandma, I also exist you now that right?" "Yes yes, just come inside it's getting cold for this time of the year." Gloria was right it was too cold for March, their was stil snow on the street and houses. We got inside and go directly to the kitchen where Gloria makes us some hot choclate. "So Robine how are you doing lately, i hope you don't feel to sad." "I'm doing alright, it's always hard when you lose someone closely but i get throug it. I always wil, and how are you doing?" "Oh darling i'm happy you start about it lately i got really weird vibes and i think something incredible is going to happa so...." And i zone out, don't get me wrong i love Gloria but she always talk so much. I look at Axe she's twirling her hot choclate around. I hear my name being called out "Robine, Robine are you listening?" asks gloria "Yes i'm, but can i ask you something?" "Of course darling, you can ask me anything." "Okay, so i got this weird nightmare always about the same blue lights, swords and faces. And until today i din't now who those persons where." " So darling who are those people then if i may ask?" So i did the whole story again.


~~~~~~Another time lap~~~~~~~~


"Mmmhh okay girls, i need to tell you something. Both of you, i'm talking to you Axelle." This got Axe her attention. "Yeah i'm listening grandma." "Normally youre parents and dad should have done this but of the apocalypse they can't do that" "What are you talking about grandma?" "Well... where do i start? Okay so girls you are not normal girls. You are warriors , devil warriors" "What are you talking about Gloria?" " Well youre parents (she turns to Axe) and youre dad where warriors. They have giving there life for you two" "But who did that? and why, I mean they where just normal people they din't hurt a flie!" Said Axe " Yes granddaughter but they have been hiding this world for you both: a world where the devils roules, they are decreasing but there are stil so many." "But what do they lool like then?" I ask. "They can change forms and i havent seen one, I have a book upstares for you. Wait a minute i wil get it." And with that she walked the stairs up. "You don't believe her do you? Please tell me you don't believe her." " I do believe her , i mean it all fits together the faces, the weird dreams annd the fact that both oure parents died in a mysterious way." i tell her. " I'm telling you she just got one of her lunatic idea's again." With that oure conversation ended because Gloria came back with two books. "One for you and one for you. Just don't open it here. There are people watching this house and i don't wan them to see things." Gloria says, i nod derectly but Axe needs to be stubbornly and asks "I have a quastion grandma, if we are "warriors" then what sort of warriors are we?" "You? You are a witch Axelle and Robine got magical powers." "So we are the same?" Axelle asks. "No totally not you got powers from... There is no time for that now someone is comeing, and not someone good. Go to Robine's house and tell youre mom that they find me. She will help you further, now run go trough the back door and don't come back. You hear me don't!" She tells us. "And what about you Gloria?" "I'm staying to held them back." "What no! Grandma you can't do that we need you, i need you!" Axelle yells with tears in her eyes. At that moment we here knocking on the door."Go now, run and don't look back. I hope everything ends well and don't lose that book EVER." She tells us, at this point she is shoving us towards the door. "But what if they kill you grandma? What do I do then?!" "Don't you worry my child i will be fine , I want you to wear this." She reachs behind her neck and unclapse her chain and gives it to Axelle. Now we here someone forcing the front door open. "Go now!" We open the back door at the same moment that the intruder comes inside. They are with two. The one with Black hair yells at us that we need to stay, but Gloria srceams that we need to run. So we run and when we are at oure bikes whe hear a piercing scream and a gunshot.


~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~

Hello Human Beings

This was so hard to write i really din't want to kill anybody, but i had no choice :(

Soo here's another chapter , i hope you like it.

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Again thanks for reading my story. See you Next Chapter.

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