Devil Warriors

It was night when i first saw them. Robine is sixteen when her father dies, she doesn't now how he died. But ever since she got strange nightmares always from the same things, blue light, swords and faces. Faces she doesn't recognize


2. ~Chapter 2: The Revelation

~Chapter 1~

"I mean it Axelle." Robine said against her best friend during English. They had to prepare a speech with two excellent, the excellent opportunity to discuss the events of the previous night. At present Robine tryed to convince Axelle that she had not imagined. "How is it that the guy his face was gone? "That can not be Robine, I'm telling you you've just dreamed it all because you were in shock." "How do you explain my knee I have dreamed that too or wath!" I said angrily to her. How can she not believe me, she supposed to be my bestfriend! "Let it be, you can believe whatecer you want, but I just think you have imagined it. And now we are changing the subject. Do you still want to go to grandma? She's really worried about you she's telling me that something really bad will happen in the future. Not credible if you ask me. "She said." Ah yes, why not, it's a long time since I've seen Gloria. How is it going with her?" I ask. "Oké, I think she's her psychic self again." Gloria is Axelle her grandmother, her parents died in an accident since then Gloria takes care for her. "She thinks it's terrible what happened to your father." "Oh yes it is already some weeks ago, I will be fine, I'm just so worried about mom she works now more than ever and I see her almost never. " She tries to overcome her grief. That should you understand?! "I understand it all too well." it was only a month ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. They had called us up in the middel of the night, Mom entered my room crying she said dad was killed in an accident, she did not say what sort of accident, when I later asked her about it she always changed the subject quikly, I think she know more than she tells me. That night I could not sleep. Since then I have nightmares every night, always of the same thing blue light, swords and faces. And during English lesson at that moment I finally recognized the faces.

They where the same faces I have seen yesterday evening at the parc.

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