Devil Warriors

It was night when i first saw them. Robine is sixteen when her father dies, she doesn't now how he died. But ever since she got strange nightmares always from the same things, blue light, swords and faces. Faces she doesn't recognize


1. ~Chapter 1 Night Walks~

~Chapter one~

That comes from Mom said "if you decided to let the dog out at night!" She said as disinfect Robine her knee. But Robine didn't notice she was deep in thought,of what only a few hours ago happend, "she could not sleep so she went walking with Hannibal(her dog). When she passed the park at the end of her street,she thought she heard screams so she went to see what it was. What she saw is now carved into her memory. She saw four people standing at what she saw were three boys and one girl all dressed in black. When she looked closer she saw that they surrounded a body, but the body was deformed  on one side of his face was melted, his arms were to convulse and he had everywhere red bumps on his body that for the seconds jumps, she screamed so loud that the whole neighborhood had awakened all it was was not for the hand around her mouth when she looked closer she saw that it was one of those guys. She screamed and kicked the boy in the place where it hurts. The boy let her loose swearing, she shrank back as soon as possible with Hannibal, that she scraped her knee, at that time, she did not care, of course, she ran as fast as she could to her house with Hannibal on her heels. When she finally got home her mom was waiting for her. She became furious at Robine that she came home at midnight suddenly with a scraped and bloodied knee. Eventually Mom was not so angry "Now go to bed, we discuss this tomorrow morning lady." Then she went to bed. Robine eventually takes Hannibal to her bedroom. "What did those people did there at this time of the night? And what will happen to that guy? He looked so bad like he wasn't even human. I'll discuss this with Axe tomorrow. "What i am sure of is that they at least didn't go walking with their dogs. Was the last thing she thought before she fell into a deep sleep.

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