Amy grows up without parents in an Orphanage and is forced to live with a family that is selfish and greedy.She then teams up with another orphan named Alex and they plan to run away.She finds herself in this big city that is amazingly huge, and ends up losing her friend Alex.


2. Unmistakably Good luck

                  Once we got to the office, we sat.Alex was in here too and to make it worst he sat next to me.While we waited for Ms.Linda he turned to me and said"I really am sorry, you know",I stayed quiet.Ms.linda walked in, closed, and then locked the door."Kids", she said, "you guys are all going to get adopted by the Johnson's family!"

                   We all smiled and stood up."Yay I thought this was going to be my bail out of this prison"."All I need is your age, first and last name",said Ms.Linda."Your first Lisa",said Ms.Linda."My last name is Corrales and I am 5"."Alex?"said Ms.Linda."My last name is Lark,I'm 16",said Alex."Okay last but not least, Amy",said Ms.Linda."My last name is Winters", I said."And I'm 14.Right after we were done there was a knock on the door."Who might that be?"said Ms.Linda.She walked over, unlocked the door, and then opened it."They're ready", said Ms.Smith."Okay", said Ms.Linda.

                   When we arrived at the little living room there were two people.A lady with blond hair, blue eyes, and a red/white dress, there was also a man with a navy blue sweater, tan pants, black hair, and hazel eyes."Hi kids", said the man.

"Hi", we said."Hello kids", said the lady,"I'm Carol and this is my husband John"."If you folks can come over here and sign these papers you can leave faster",said Ms.Smith.

                  They walked over and started signing papers."You kids can sit", said Ms.Linda "this will take a while".We sat down Alex, me, and Lisa on the worn out chairs."I've been waiting my whole life for this moment and it doesn't feel right", said Alex.I turned right and looked at him, "Me too", I said.He turned to me and said, "You know were going to be like brother and sister right?"."No were not, if a family isn't from blood it will never be family".After 30 to 40 minutes Carol and John came back to us."Are you guys ready?",said John."Yes!", we said.

                   After saying Goodbye to Ms.Linda and Ms.Smith we walked outside I looked around, wondering what type of car they had.Maybe it was a scratched van, or a little blue crashed car, or maybe even a taxi.We started walking a direction of a Mazda."Do you guys like our car?", said John."Yes", we said.

                    We got in the car and drove to the store."Kids were going to the store because you guys have hideous clothes", said Carol."Carol!", said John."What!,it's true!", she said."Sorry kids".

                     "It's fine", said Alex.We got out of the car and walked in the store."Do you guys know what this is", Carol said.

"No", said Lisa."This is the Mall!", said Carol."Okay you take the girls and I take Alex", said John."What! no,said Carol, "that's not fair I have to take two and you only have to take one!"."Okay,okay I'll take Lisa and Alex, said John."Good", said Carol.I felt as if everyone was staring at us, we had made a whole seen in front of over 20 people.

                      "Come on Amy", said Carol.I followed quickly and quietly."Okay lets go look in the clearance area for you, okay?",said Carol."Sure", I said.We walked to the back of the store and found the clearance center.

                       There were clothes everywhere.Gold, brown, purple, pink, and so much more."I'm sure you've never ever came here so pick some clothes and I'll approve or disapprove and then you can go change, Okay?"."Okay", I said.I walked over and chose three beautiful dresses.

                       I chose a green and pink polka dot short and puffy dress, a purple flowered dress and a striped orange short dress. When I walked over to Carol.She immediately said, "No,no, no!"  She took the dresses out of my hand and put them back."These are clown dresses!", said Carol "are you crazy you can't wear this around me!"

                       "I'll pick something for you", she chose a red dress, black shoes, and a red bow."Come on let's go pay", she said."Hi, are you ready?", said the cashier."Um yea!, what would I be doing here if I weren't ready?"."Oh sorry", said the cashier."Just hurry!",said Carol.

                        I was starting to realize how Carol really was, and I didn't like it.After we went to the salon and did my hair, we went to eat at a buffet.I wasn't going to lie Alex looked really cute, with his polished black shoes, skinny jeans, and black leathered jacket.Lisa also looked nice, she was wearing a pink puffy dress, with a white bow on her curly brown hair.I was so excited for this new life.

                         "I hate this greasy food!", said Carol."The kids like it Carol", said John."So all of a sudden you're going to listen to them?",said Carol.We've known each other for eighteen years and you burly met them, and you still like them better than me!?", said Carol."Oh my gosh Carol!, you always put words in my mouth!", said John.

                          Lisa started crying, "Look what you did John!", said Carol."Kids, we'll be back okay?", said John.John stood up grabbed Carol's hand, and got out of the buffet."It's going to be fine", said Alex,comforting her."We're ruining their lives", said Lisa.



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