Amy grows up without parents in an Orphanage and is forced to live with a family that is selfish and greedy.She then teams up with another orphan named Alex and they plan to run away.She finds herself in this big city that is amazingly huge, and ends up losing her friend Alex.


4. Sunny Memories

                             After one hour of researching her, I was finally done, it was barely 7:30, but I was used to the orphanage. They always made us sleep at 8:00 pm sharp, no exceptions."Can I come in, it's Carol!"."Yes, come in", I said.She came in and locked the door, thats when I knew something was wrong."Tomorrow, I'm going to take you and Alex back to the orphanage, and if John finds out, just watch"!She kissed me on my forehead and got out of the room.

                            I knew she was mean but I never knew she was Evil.After I put my pajamas on I laid on my silky sheets, and thought about what she had said, I had a plan.I was going to tell Alex tomorrow and we were going to escape together, and I knew exactly where we were going.We were going to my mom's house.

                            The next day Carol woke me up."Amy!", she said "it's time to go to School!"."School?", I asked. "Yes, hurry"."Wear whatever you want, but hurry", said Carol, then she got out of my room.

                           I got up washed my teeth and opened the closet.I have so much clothes, I guess that's why rich people are always frustrated, they could never find a good outfit.I took out a jean jacket, light blue puffy dress, and light brown boots.This was the perfect outfit.After a couple minutes a group of people came in to my room and sat me down on my pink chair.

                        Then they started doing my hair.They got a curler out and connected it to the outlet, did my nails and my eyebrows.It was a makeover of pain."Ouch", I said."Beauty equals pain", said the guy doing my hair, in a weird accent.

                        I got out of the room and went to the kitchen."Wow you look good", said John."Thank You", I said."Welcome", he said."Hi Lisa", I said."Hi, Amy"."So, where's Alex?", I asked."He woke up a little late", said John.

                        In the middle of our breakfast Alex walked in, he looked so handsome, he was wearing a light sweater, skinny jeans and jordans."Good Morning, sorry I'm late", said Alex as he sat down."It's fine", said John."No it's not, said Carol, "you can't come late to the breakfast table"!"Carol!", John said.

                      "Beep, beep", the bus is here, said John."Were going in the bus?" said Alex."Yes", said John"I have to go to work and Carol has to do some laundry loads"."Here is sixty dollars for each of you", said John."And here is your lunch", said Carol.I looked at Lisa, I guess she was to young to go to school.

                      We went outside and got in the bus.I sat down next to the window, and Alex next to me."Hey", he said."Hi", I said."Carol is going to take us back to the orphanage after school.", I said right away."Why?", he asked."I don't know but I'm going to run away"."Is this an invite, because I can't go back to that place"."Yea, it is", I said.

                      "So do you know where we're going?" , Alex asked."We're going to my moms house", I said."Where is that at?", he asked.I took out a little paper and read it to him, ""."Is that far?", he asked.

                     "No, I mean yea, well i don't really know but at least I know the address", I said."So were going to a place you don't know?", he asked."Well I know my mom, I have a lot of memories of her"."Oh, what is she like?", he asked."She's nice, we used to run around in the grass and get wet with the sprinklers", I said."That must be cool", he said.

                    "What's your mom like", I asked."I never had a mom,Ms.Smith told me someone left me in front of the orphanage and left.", he said."Oh, I'm sorry", I said."It's fine, I guess", he said.

                    We were finally at school, but once I stepped on the concrete I felt something so weird in my stomach.

I was scared and nervous."Come on", said Alex, "let's go to the office".When we got there Alex asked for our schedules, and then the bell rang."Bye, said Alex, then he gave me a hug, and I hugged him back, "Bye", I said."Meet me at the 1st grade playground after school", he said."Okay", I said.

                   While I walked out of the office, I looked down at my schedule.It said "First period, Mrs.Becker ,Math, #23.I walked around and walked for about five minutes and finally found #23 and walked in.Everyone looked up at me."Well Hello there, you must be the new student, Amy right", she said."Yes", I said."It's nice to meet you", she said.I stayed quiet, and smiled.

                  "Okay you can sit anywhere you want", she said.I look around for a seat in the back, and I found one."Today is Test day so you can just read or draw, you can't test until tomorrow, she said, "you can take more than one book because you have to read all day, she said."Okay",I said.

                    After 6 classes and one lunch hour I had one more class, Ms.Elsi, #321.I went in and went with the teacher. "Hi, you must be Amy!", she said, "I'm Ms.Elsi"."Nice to meet you", I said."My pleasure", she said."Sit where you like".

                    I sat in the back of the class and took out my book."Start your tests", said Ms.Elsi.After one page of reading I starting wondering about my mom and how we would escape.I couldn't wait to see my moms face when I walked through her door.She always used to Comb my hair in front of the fireplace, I would always be excited to decorate for Christmas, but it never seemed to get closer, and just like that I never celebrated Christmas.

                    Riiing."Oh bye kids, have a great afternoon!", Ms.Elsi said.I walked out of the class and found myself back in the orphanage, it was so crowded and hot.After five minutes of struggling I finally got out of the school.Where was Alex?I was never going to find him in this crowd.

                    Then I felt someone poke me from the back in both sides of my waist."Hi", said Alex."Hey, you scared me!", I said."Sorry, are you ready?", he asked."More than ever", I said."Well, I figured out how to escape", Alex said,"In back of Carols house there is a hedge that we can go through and leave".

                   "Wait, you want to go back", I asked."If you want to leave we have to go back", he said."Where does it lead to?", I asked."The woods", he said.I was ready to escape and no one would stop me.




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