Amy grows up without parents in an Orphanage and is forced to live with a family that is selfish and greedy.She then teams up with another orphan named Alex and they plan to run away.She finds herself in this big city that is amazingly huge, and ends up losing her friend Alex.


3. Strike of Color

                       There house was amazing, it was big, gigantic, perfect!"Kids, go inside with Carol, I'll bring your stuff", said John.While we waited for Carol to unlock the door, I looked around.There was everything, sprinklers, a doorbell, and even stairs!"You guys are going to meet two other kids, alright?","Okay", said Alex.We walked inside were immediately stunned.

                       There was a big hall way with a long red carpet."How do you guys like it?", said Carol."It's amazing, Lisa said. "After you guys look around You can meet Priscilla and Kayla", said Carol."Okay", I said.

                       We walked straight and then walked in the last door."This is the kitchen", said Carol.There was everything, from spoons to electric machines."Hurry look around and lets keep going", said Carol."Okay", said Lisa.

                       We looked around for a little more and then went to the left door."This is the dining room", said Carol.Then we went back through the kitchen to the right door."This is the Living Room", she said."Wow", we said.

                       There was a Long white couch, and a flat screen television.There was also a door in the living room to the garage, they had five cars!After we were done we got out through the kitchen door."Okay there are 4 rooms to the right and 5 to the left, this first one to the right is a play room, then theres a restroom, then John's and my room, then the last to the right is going to be Lisa's room".Lisa jumped up and down, "Can I go to my room please!", said Lisa."Sure", Carol said.

                        "But meet me at 6 in the kitchen!", shouted Carol."Okay", said Lisa."To the left this is a restroom,then four rooms, the one next to the restroom is Priscilla's, then it's Kayla's", said Carol.The one next to Kayla's is your room Alex, and the last one is Amy's"."Meet me in the kitchen at 6 ok?", said Carol."Ok", we said

                         I walked into my room, huge and pink, it was everything I had ever imagined.I ran to my bed, so silky and comfy and felt so new, but it didn't feel right.For some reason I felt so pressured and a annoying to John and Carol, well mostly Carol, but when we got Carol mad she got John mad and then It would come back to us.I sat up and looked around, I had my own laptop and it was Pink!Immediately after looking in the closet, I sat down in front of the laptop and searched for my mom.

                        I typed Karina Winters.Her picture came out, where she lived and her background information.She lived in the biggest house ever, if she saved enough money already why wouldn't she come back for me.Knock, Knock, Knock, 

                       "Hello?", said Carol, It's 6:15 Amy!"."Oh sorry, I lost track of time", I said.She opened the door,"Well hurry", she said.I turned off the Monitor and followed her to the kitchen.No one had eaten yet."Where were you, Amy!", said John.

                        He sounded mad now."I lost track of time, sorry", I said."Just sit!", he sat.Carol walked behind John and hugged him, as if she had sent him to do that."This is Priscilla and Kayla they are twins and their six years old", said Carol."Hi" they said."Hi", Lisa said.

                        On the plate in front of me there was mashed potatoes, chicken , and a type of soda called "Coca Cola".It was in a red can with white letters.After I ate I went straight o the laptop.I kept researching her and wrote down her address, 1456 West Cedar st. Moscow, Russia 10024 address.We lived in Kazakhstan, right under Russia so why didn't I go visit her.I was going to go visit my Mom! and I was so excited.


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