Amy grows up without parents in an Orphanage and is forced to live with a family that is selfish and greedy.She then teams up with another orphan named Alex and they plan to run away.She finds herself in this big city that is amazingly huge, and ends up losing her friend Alex.


5. Fearless

                        After school, we started walking, and about 1/4th of the way, John picked us up."Get in", he said."You guys were supposed to come in the bus, you know how Carol gets!", he said.He was mad, and you could tell.When we went home Carol told us to go to the kitchen and eat, so we did.

                        I wanted to leave before it was dark, so right after rushing through some shrimp and burgers i got up."I have to go do homework", I said."Me too", said Alex standing up.We started walking toward the door, but Carol stopped us."Kids where are you guys going", she said in a scary voice as she stood up,"You guys can't leave me here alone!", she said.

                       "We have tons of homework", Alex said."Okay I want to see it all in thirty minutes!", said Carol."Okay!", I said.We turned around and walked up stairs."Get your bag and lets go", said Alex."Okay", I said whispering.

                       After I grabbed my bag, I opened my bedroom door, and Alex was waiting for me."Come on", he said.

He grabbed my hand and we walked down stairs.Then we looked in the kitchen Carol was gone.It was all coming out perfectly.After that we went through the living room into the garage and grabbed some supplies, we grabbed a rope, a snack pack and a safety kit and after that we were out the door.We were free!

                     When we were about to run, someone grabbed our shirts from the back."Where are you guys going!", she screamed, "I thought you were doing homework!","I was being nice but you've left me no choice", she said.We walked back inside the garage, Carol pushing us."Iv'e been nothing but nice to you", and you betray me like this!", said Carol.We walked through the living room, then through the kitchen and then into the restroom.Then she through us into the restroom floor.

                    "Guess what!", she said laughing, "John isn't home, he went out of town so you kids are stuck with me!", she said.She closed the door and walked away laughing."Oh my gosh, this is bad!, I said starting to cry,"Were going to die", I said whispering."No were not", said Alex, "I promise",he put his hand on my cheek and wiped my tears from my face.Then he stood up and tried to open the door.

                     "It's locked", he said.He sat back down and looked me straight in the eyes."Were going to get to your moms house, I won't let you down", he said.Then we heard the keys outside the door.She opened the door, in one hand a glass of wine, on her face a nose mask, and on her other hand a bucket of what looked like water.

                      "You guys are going to love my new recipe", she said.She put the bucket inside and closed the door.It started smelling like Chlorine."Here", said Alex, he gave me a shirt from his backpack and one for him.Then he stood up and started hitting the door hard."Let us out Carol!", he screamed.

                        Then we heard the Keys on the door, and soon after that Carol walked in with her wine."Don't ever call me Carol, orphan!", she said.Then she took out a knife and stabbed his stomach.He fell and Carol closed the door and left."Alex!", I screamed, "Oh my gosh", I said,  I took out the knife and through it in back of me."Go", he said."No",I said.

                        "Amy", he said, "I love you", then he closed his eyes. I started crying,"I love you too Alex", I said.I hugged him and grabbed the knife.Then I cracked open the window.I grabbed my bag and tied the rope to the toilet.Then I climbed down into the backyard.

                          I walked to the hedge and cut some branches to make my way through.Then I walked into the woods.I started running for what seemed like thirty minutes and finally made my way out.I started walking, my feet hurting and my back aching.A couple of cars had passed by and then a truck passed by and then reversed, she put her window down and then said "Hop in I'll give you a ride".

                          I went into the car and we started going."Where are you going?", she asked."I'm going to Moscow, Russia", I said."Oh, that's funny I am too", she said."Why do you have blood on your hand?", she asked."Oh, there was an incident", I said.

                        "Oh well I'm hungry, what do we say if we go it in the Hamburger House"?, she asked."Yea, sure", I said.We walked into the restaurant and ordered."So whats your name?", she asked."Amy", I said.She stayed quiet for a while. Then the servant came and gave us our burgers and fry's.After a long quiet time of eating we went outside and got in the truck.

                        "So whats your last name?", she asked."Winters", I said."What's your name?", I asked."My name is Karina Winters", she said."Oh", I said.I turned around and smiled.Slowly the color started fading and my eyes starting to close.

                         I was back in the restroom of Carols house, Alex laying there beading, then Carol walked in and shot me.I woke up."Are you okay?", she asked."Yea", I said.I was laying on a bed in a house."Where are we?", I asked."Were in my house", she said.

                         "Get washed up and meet me downstairs", she said."Okay", I said.After I washed my face and rinsed my mouth I went down stairs."Finally", she said laughing."Here's your food", she said.I sat down on the white chair her in front of me.I looked down at my plate, there was pancakes and a sunny side up.

                          Then when I looked up she was staring at me."You look just like him", she said.I wiped my mouth, "Like who?", I asked."Like your dad", she said."So you are my mom?", I asked."Yes, I did some research yesterday and realized that your foster parents are looking for you", she said.

                            "They are?", I asked, "well I came looking for you"."I'm glad you're here but I can't just keep you and pretend you never had foster parents", she said.Then the phone rang, "Oh let me get that", she said.I wish she would have never left me in the first place.I turned to the window refusing the tears, there were police outside.

                            "Mom, theres police outside!", I said.She hung up the phone and looked outside."Come on, Amy", she grabbed my hand and my bag.We walked down stairs and then she opened the door."Here she said", she handed the cop my hand, "I'm so sorry Amy but I can't take care of you I don't have enough money to buy you clothes or food", she said.

                             I started tearing, I've been through so much to get to this moment and she turned me into the police."I'm better off without you anyway", I said, "Any foster parent is better than you"!"Come on Kid", said the cop.He put me in his car."Why would you leave your foster house?", he asked.

                            "That lady is crazy", I said, I was still crying, "She killed my friend", I said."Well she is in jail now", he said."How?", I asked."She called us to tell us that you left and we looked around to make sure and we found your friend in the tub", he said.I looked down and started to cry more than ever."All her kids were taken away and she has to be in jail for a life time.I stayed quiet for a while, just thinking about Alex.

                           "So where are we going?", I asked."You have a choice, to a foster house or back to the orphanage", he said."To the orphanage", I said right away."Okay then", he said.Once we arrived to the orphanage, I felt home, I grabbed my bag and got out of the car."Are you ready?", he asked."Yes", I said.We walked all the way to the door and he reached out to open it.

                            Honk Honk, I turned around slowly.It was my mom!I ran to her, and she to me."Mom! what are you doing here?", I asked.She hugged me."I lost you once and I'm not losing you twice", she said."Come on let's go", she said.The cop took out a pen and paper from a folder and said, "Just sign here and you can go", he said.She signed and grabbed my bag."I love happy endings", said the cop.We laughed.

                            She hugged me and I hugged her while we walked to the truck."Who wants Ice Cream?", she asked."Me!",I said.We both smiled at each other.This was the beginning of an awesome life and everything I had been through had been worth it, even the death of my best friend.



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