Amy grows up without parents in an Orphanage and is forced to live with a family that is selfish and greedy.She then teams up with another orphan named Alex and they plan to run away.She finds herself in this big city that is amazingly huge, and ends up losing her friend Alex.


1. Unwanted

                 Every single day I wake up with the same routine.Walk to the restroom line, brush my teeth, then go down stairs.Once I walk in the Lunch room I feel so crowded, all the girls and boys running around grabbing apples and bread.They are mad for that food, especially when we have oatmeal cookies.I rushed through the crowd of anger and sweat to get to the snack bar.

                 Only to find spaghetti, oatmeal, and sloppy joes.I grabbed sloppy joes and a bowl of oatmeal just before the lunch lady stopped me, "Amy", she said "Do you really want me to tell you the problems of food we have, again?","No",I said.I looked down at my food, and thought "hmmm sloppy joes or oatmeal."After 3 minutes or so I put the sloppy joes back and moved along to the drinks.I grabbed an apple juice box and started looking for a seat.

                          There were people everywhere, some were even on the floor.I looked around and saw Abigail, she was my best friend, sometimes I even thought of her as a sister.While I walked toward her a boy smashed into me, it was as if it were in slow motion.His blue eyes widening, his light brown hair swaying on his forehead, the cold oatmeal falling down my shoe, to my skirt, and finally to my shoes."What is wrong with you!",I said. 

                  "Well,Sorry",he said.I called Ms.Linda and she came."Ms.Linda this boy crashed into me!",I said."Okay calm down",she said."Alex why don't you go get some napkins to clean this up","and Amy you go get cleaned up". 

                 I turned around and walked to my room, it was so small in there.I always imagined a beautiful family coming to rescue me from this prison, and giving me a huge room, I I teared up. I felt unwanted in this house, world, and even my own mind!It's not fair to have this life, my parents left me, not the other way around.After wiping my eyes from the tears, I walked out of my room.

                 I walked back to the lunch room and saw everyone gathered around.Ms.Linda had a paper on her hand.She looked so happy,"Okay kids, a family came and wants to adopt 3 kids, if I call your name meet me at my office,"said Ms.Linda."Lisa, Alex, and Amy,meet me at my office". I felt all types of emotions, I was excited, scared, and nervous.

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