A normal day goes wrong when three teenagers are lost during the Zombie Apocalypse!!!


1. The Beginning


"Hey I bet you can't go into the haunted woods at night" said James.

"I bet I can" said Devon while in a fight with James the school bully.

"Hey I will go with you" I said.  

"Wow you need someone to go with you" said James laughing.

"No he doesn't" I said "I'm just a good friend". 

The next morning Devon and I went to my friend Preston's house.

As we were riding our bikes we were getting rocks thrown at us. 

"Who is doing that" I said stopping my bike.

"Shutup loser" said a familiar voice.

"It's " Devon said.

Then before Devon finished is sentence my friend Preston came out with his potato launcher and shot James in the leg.

"Go away" Preston said

"Fine" said James in a rude manor.

"Thanks Preston" I said.

"No problem" he said.

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