Best Friend or Boyfriend

Natalie and Tess live in Sydney, Australia. They have been best friends since they were practically born. They go to West Sydney High School. The new kid in school, Michael Clifford, becomes a problem for their relationship. They both start to fall for him. Will Michael like one of them back? Will this tear their friendship apart?

**5SOS before they were famous**


1. Best Friends


Hey I'm Natalie Gallagher , I am 16 and I go to West Sydney . My bestfriend is Tess Levine. I am a dancer and I am OBSESSED with it. Some people say I am a girly girl. IM NOT. I just simply like dresses and bows. Usually when I'm not at dance I like to go to Tess' house. That is usually where you will find me. Well, or at my house with Tess.😂


Hey my name is Tess Levine. I am 16 and I attend West Sydney High School with my best friend Natalie Gallagher. So most people think I am rich, I'm not. My dad owns a big talent agency and we are pretty wealthy but I don't like it when people say I'm am rich. It makes me sound bratty and spoiled. I play soccer and I LOVE it. I like to say it is my life. Usually when I am not at school or soccer I am with Natalie. We are pretty much together 24/7. She even comes to my soccer games and i go to to her recitals!

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