Genesis Arianna Anderson is a 18 year old girl. She just recently finds out she is adopted.
Her "parents" aren't telling her who her mother and father is. So she takes matter in to her own hands. Who are Her Real Parents?
Why didn't they want her?


4. The Stranger

♫And it just so happen, I'm wrestling with my status
 I'm trying to see me like He do, not focusing on this madness
They count on me, count me out on a count of they fear and doubts.
 Keep account of my wrongs, trying to keep me inside they house
 Some just keep me around, I wonder what that's about Yeah! They wanna be politically correct, I suppose 
But, I'm comfortable in my skin
 While they just pretend in they clothes
 I'm scared of falling and failing in front of all of my foes
 And I feel some friends are unfaithful
. So, I keep my small circle closed
  I don't want no handouts or favors, no functional saviors
. I'ma tell that truth till it kill me and I'm chilling with my Creator♫

As, I was in my room listening to Fear I heard the doorbell ring, me being the only one in the house since Jacob had to go to the dentist, I went and answered it. "Hello, how may I help you?" I said opening the door. "Hi, I'm Barbra Hawkins from Child Adoption Agencies" the lady replied. Wow Adoption Agency? They've never been here before , I wonder what's the problem. "Are your parents home?" she asked breaking my train of thought. "Um, no. I can take a message." I said, "Have them give me call" she gave me a card and left. I put the card on the counter top and gave Ken a call. 

"Hello?" he answered in a sleepy voice. "Hey, did I wake you?" I asked. "Nah, you good." "Well, whatsup?" i asked. "Nothin much, whats up with you?" he asked. "Nothin, just bored. So, was wondering if you would like to go out for ice-cream" "yeah sure, give me about a hour" he said. "Alright" I said.

I hung up and put my phone on the charger, I got in the shower to get all cleaned. 

 After, about a hour or so I put on...

with my hair down and wavy. 

Kennedy texted me when he was ready, and I went to pick him up. "Hey", he said getting into the car. "Hi" I said. "You look nice" he said putting on his seat belt. "Thanks, so do you" I said, "So, is this a special occasion?" he asked. "No, just getting ice-cream, why I can't ask you out for ice-cream" I asked. "Well, yeah. I was just asking" He said. "So, how's that essay coming along" I asked. "It's actually coming pretty well, I'm on page 4" he replied. "That's great" I said. "Yup, what about yours?" he asked. "I haven't even started yet." "Man, well maybe something will come up". "I hope so" I said turning on the music. Just when my favorite song comes on we arrive at Creamy Delights. I park and take my keys out of the ignition. I then get out of the car and walk up to the door. "Ladies first" Ken said, opening the door for me. "Thank you" I said walking into the store. We got in line and ordered our ice-cream, "Let me get the two scoops in a cup, And I want Nutella" I said pointing at the glass case. She gave me my two scoops and took Kennedy's order "I'll have two scoops of Sea Salt Carmel in a cup please" he said. I payed for the ice-cream and we went to a booth to sit. "So, Christmas break is coming up....What do you have planned?" Ken asked eating his ice-cream. "I don't know yet, I want to go some where I've never been before." I said. "How about we take a trip together, me you and some of our friends" he said. "Where to?" i asked. "Well, my uncle has a music show in Paris, and it looks like its gonna be really fun and I know you LOVE music so" he said. "Wow, that's big. How much are tickets?" I asked. "Well, since i'm his nephew of course I get in for half the price". "That's cool. But, i have to ask my parents to see." I said. "Alright, well i have two tickets already, I'll invite about four more people to come". "Okay." I replied. We sat and talked and ate our Ice-cream until his mom called to say he had to come home. I dropped him off and went home. "Hey, gen" Jacob said coming up to me smiling. 'Wook I got my tooth tooken out" he said with his mouth open and pointing to the empty space. "Oh, wow! How did it feel?" I asked taking off shoes. "I don't really know, Mommy said they gave me medicine so i would fall asleep." he said with a confused look on his face. "Yeah, that sounds about right" I said going into the kitchen. "Hey, Gen" my dad said as he smiled, "Hey dad" "Did any mail come?" He asked as he washed the dishes. "No, but Child Adoption Agencies came by" I said looking in a magazine. "Really?" He asked. When I looked up, I seen like a fearful look on his face. I swallowed hard "uh, yeah she gave me her card. She said to give her a call" I said.

The rest of the day drifted away weirdly, Mom and Dad kept whispering to each other, with fearful and worried looks on their faces. Now, I really wanna know whats going on? Who was that lady? Why did she come to our house? What is this about? I said goodnight to everyone and went to bed curiously, thinking the "What Ifs." What if they take Jacob and I away? What if we get separated? Why, would they? Mom and Dad are wonderful parents, they wouldn't wanna hurt us, they've never had!" This was unusual, weird and very fishy.

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