Genesis Arianna Anderson is a 18 year old girl. She just recently finds out she is adopted.
Her "parents" aren't telling her who her mother and father is. So she takes matter in to her own hands. Who are Her Real Parents?
Why didn't they want her?


9. The Flight To Paris

"Get up, Get up! Ya gotta go to the Air Port Gen!" Jacob yelled as he jumped on my bed. "Stop!" I whined, "5 more minutes". "It's 8:30" he said stretching out his words. "WHAT?!" I squealed and got out of bed looking at my clock. "Omg, I'm going to be late!" I said running to my bathroom, I did my hygiene and took my shower.  As, I was putting on  my burgundy skater skirt, my phone ranged. I hopped over to it, one hand on the charger cord and the other pulling my shoe up on my foot.

I'll rather be an Outsider I'll rather be an Outsid-

I answered it in the nick of time, "Hey, Ken" I said, sitting on the bed and tying my combat boots. "Hey, everyone will meet at the Starbucks at 9:15." he said, "Okay, I'll be there" I said hanging up. I put my hair in a pony tail and fixed my shirt. I took a glance at the clock and saw that it was 8:55a.m. I got my suitcase and backpack and made my way to the door, "No time for breakfast?" my Dad asked, "No, Dad I'm sorry." I said kissing his cheek. "Bring me back something!" Jacob said hugging me. I playfully rolled my eyes, "I'll try" I said hugging him back. "Well, I have to go. I'll text you when I get to the airport" I said, "Okay, be safe sweetheart. Remember we are just a phone call away" my dad said coming to hug me, "I know" I gave him a hug. "Well, let's get going kiddo. Traffic gets bad around this time" my Mom said holding the car door open. "Bye!" I said as I got in the car. My mom dropped me off at the Starbucks and told me goodbye and left.

When I went inside, everyone was there, Alexis, Ken, Ashton, Sabrina, and Rico. "Hey G" Ken said coming up to me, "Hello." I said, "I got you a coffee" he said as he handed me the warm cup. "Thanks! Are we ready to go?" I asked sipping my coffee. "Um, yeah. We have everyone. We are going to get in Rico's van and head to the airport." he said as he got his bags. "Alright everybody lets load up!" Rico said jiggling his keys. "Hi, Sabrina. I didn't know you were coming." I said smiling. "Uh, yeah. Ken invited me." she said with a mean look on her face.  I watched her as she left out of the double doors, "This is going to be a interesting trip." Alexis said coming up to me. "Yeah...." I replied.

Oh how I strongly disliked Sabrina, she's mean and very bossy. Oh, and did I mention that she is the princess type? Everything about her is poodles and glitter. I HATE glitter!

I put the bags into the trunk of the van and got in. "Here's a seat G!" Ken said moving his bag. I sat down and put my backpack underneath my feet. "So, how was the date with your aunt?" he asked smiling, "It went alright, I guess." I said. "Well, maybe I will meet her this weekend." he said. "Maybe" I said. As we made our way to the airport I began to admire the different skyscrapers and houses that were out of reach. "Wow, God is truly an artist." I said to myself, Ken smiled and looked out his window "Yeah....he is" he said. I looked at him and smiled and continued to look out the window.

We arrived at the airport and got our luggage out of the van. As, I opened the doors Sabrina stepped on the back of my shoe. I could tell she did it on purpose, "Sorry" she said sarcastically as she walked in front of me. I rolled my eyes and rolled my suitcase to our next destination. We went through the procedure and waited for the man over the income to say it was our turn to leave. I sat on the bench next to Alexis, "I'm so ready to get to the Hotel" she said laying her head on my shoulder. I chuckled..."Sleepy much?". "Yess" she said.

"FLIGHT TO PARIS,FRANCE!" the man yelled. "That's us! Lets go everybody!" Ashton said getting his bags. We got our bags and got on the plane. I saw a seat next to Ken and I also saw Sabrina eying it, I made my move.That's right, I sat right next to Ken, not because I knew she would be jealous but, because he was my friend and she's always doing things with him.....Oh my, it sounds like I'm jealous! I can't be, I've known Ken longer and I've been his friend since fourth-grade! I should at least be able to sit next to him on a flight! I shook my feelings off, and put my ear buds in. I started listening to Sweet Victory: Trip Lee, until Ken took one of ear buds out and put it in his ear. He started singing it "Sweet Victory, nobody can take it from me, sweet victory! Cause I got sweet victory yeah". "Oh my gosh" I said as I laughed, "See, I can sing" he teased. "Yeah right" I said sarcastically. He chuckled, as he looked down at his feet and up at me again, "Whats up with you and Sabrina though?" he asked. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Why can't y'all get along?"

"We just don't...We are like oil and water. we don't mix." I said. "I think she's cool, if you would get to know her....maybe you will think the same." he said. "Nah, she's different when she's with you. But, with everyone else she's the devil in a pink ball gown" I said. "Oh, really?" he laughed. "Yes, really. But, your to blind to see it."

After hours, we finally arrived to Paris, France. Oh, how beautiful it was! As soon as we got off the plane everyone took out their phones and took pictures. Alexis was right....this is going to be a interesting trip, especially for me.


Author's Note: Sorry if it is boring. :P I am writing in between classes so, my attention is on the teacher as well as this. But, it will be better I promise! ;)

Songs Quoted in This Chapter: Outsiders by: Lecrae & Sweet Victory by: Trip Lee!

Check Those Guys Out :D.

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