Genesis Arianna Anderson is a 18 year old girl. She just recently finds out she is adopted.
Her "parents" aren't telling her who her mother and father is. So she takes matter in to her own hands. Who are Her Real Parents?
Why didn't they want her?


3. The Basket Ball Game

4 Weeks Later...

A month had come and gone and well I'm still on page one. But, like my dad said I can't stress. Even though that's pretty hard knowing that its a FIVE PAGE ESSAY! But, "I'm going to be fine". ;)

Today I'm going to a basketball game. Kennedy is playing, and I'm very anxious to see him break some ankles with his cool moves.

I was getting ready, then my mom came in.

"Are you going somewhere tonight" my mom asked as she peeked into my room.

"Yes, Kennedy has a game tonight" I answered, putting on my Jordan's. 

"Oh ok, well stay warm. Be in by 10:30" she said.

I nodded in agreement and I made my way to my door.

"Bye Love You!" I said kissing her cheek and leaving my room.

I got into my car and drove off to the school. Once there I parked and locked my car and went inside, boy was it packed! As I admired the school spirit decor,

Kennedy ran up to me. "Hey, G!" He said giving me a side hug. "Hi." "Thanks for coming" he said smiling, "Of course. I even wore your team colors" I said showing off my outfit. "Looks great" he said with a smile. "So, when does the game start?" I asked. "Starts at 7, so I gotta go and get ready. Catch you afterwards?" He said as he backed away. "Sure thing!"

I got me a bag of Chester Hot Fries and a Fruit Punch Gatorade and then I met up with some friends, who had our seats. "You get me something Gen?" Ashton teased, "Nah, Sorry." "Thought we were better than that man" he said. I giggled "Here" I handed him a dollar. "Yay, thank you" he said as he ran to the snack bar. The seats began to fill in quickly, and our principal Mr. Andez came out with his speech and everything. After, that we all stood up for the pledge and that's when the Mascots came out and got the crowd up to our feet. Howls and screams filled the air as the basketball players came through the sign with their logo on it. I sat down as the game began, eating and drinking away. 

•After The Game•

Seeing that Kennedy was out of the locker rooms, I ran up to him. "You was amazing out there" I said with a smile. "Thank you, I told you i'm the best" he replied holding his head up with pride. "Cocky much?" I teased. He chuckled, "Are you about to go home or you have something planned?" he asked, "Well, I have to be home by 10:30 so, there's not that much time space to do anything" I said looking at my phone. "Awh, well you know me and my folks are gonna go celebrate so, maybe you could ask your mom if you can come" he said with hope. "I'll call her and let you know" I said. "Cool" he said as he left. I called my mom and got her permission and trailed Ken and his family to the restaurant.  The choice of eatery was of course Golden Corral, Ken's favorite place to eat. I took a seat next to Ken and his baby brother Kori. I said grace and began to eat, the meatloaf was to die for! "Slow down girl, I don't want it" Kennedy teased, "Leave me alone" I said playfully.  "I want uice" Kori said as he waved his sippy cup in the air. Kennedy looked at me and smiled "I'll love you forever". I knew what that mean't, so i got up and went to the fountain and poured some Hi-C into Kori's cup, I returned to my seat placing the cup in Kori's hands. He took it and began to drink until Ken took it away from him. "Noooo" Kori cried as he began to kick and scream. "What do you say?" Kennedy asked. "Tank you" Kori said as he looked at me. I giggled, "You're welcome Hun". Kori smiled and began to eat his chopped carrots. I remember when Jacob was that age, the terrible two. I began to smile as the different memories flashed through my mind. "What are you smiling for?" Ken asked, "Oh, nothing" I said, "Just a flash back". "Would you like to share with the rest of us?" Ken asked. I knew exactly what he was doing, he's trying to put me on the spot! "No, I would not" I said. "Oh, come on. It made you smile, I wanna smile too" he teased. "Kennedy Andrew Moore, if you don't leave me alone" I said while laughing. "Alright, alright" He said as he chuckled. 

I had alot of fun that night, sharing stories and laughing with each other. But, it was time for me to go home so, I waved Kennedy's family goodbye and drove home. 


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