Genesis Arianna Anderson is a 18 year old girl. She just recently finds out she is adopted.
Her "parents" aren't telling her who her mother and father is. So she takes matter in to her own hands. Who are Her Real Parents?
Why didn't they want her?


8. Ms. Jourdan Michel

The day had finally come, I'm going to meet my Aunt. My real Aunt, that is! I'm just so nervous, my stomach hurts badly. What do I say? Will she like me? Will I like her? Well, I guess in a few minutes I will find out. I showered and got dressed and everything. As I was passing Jacob's room, he popped out and stood in front of me, "I don't know whats goin on but, here's for good luck" he said as he handed me his favorite guitar bracelet. "Aw, Thanks Bud" I said hugging him. I made it down stairs and I kissed my parents goodbye as I left. I sat in my car for a few minutes, "What am I doing?" I whispered to myself. I looked at the clock and saw that time was ticking by, I made my way to Hugo's Lunch Cafe.

I walked in and saw a woman with her back turned. She turned around and looked at me and smiled, "Genesis.....Genesis Anderson?" she asked. "Um, yes" I said as I shook her hand. "I'm Jourdan Michel, your Aunt" she replied. "Nice to meet you" I said as I sat down. She took her seat, and that's when I started to look at her, she looked just liked me. She had the same long wavy hair, hazel eyes and straight teeth. I also, noticed a tattoo on her wrist, it had the letters GM on it, I wonder what it stood for? "Wow, you look just like your mother when she was your age." she said smiling. I couldn't say anything, I didn't know what to say. "So, I heard you were eight-teen now" she said. "Yeah, I turned 18 last month" I said. "Well, Happy belated Birthday" she said. I nodded, "I know your probably asking a lot of questions, right now. Why am I here?-" I cut her off "Why are you here? What do you want from me? I didn't need to know anything! My life was fine before you came...." I again felt tears stream down my face. She gave me a napkin and answered "I'm sorry, I just knew that my sister had a child out there and I needed to find out where." She softly touched my hand, "Does, my mother even know?" I asked.

"No, she doesn't." She looked down in shame. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! "You mean to tell me....your just doing this without her permission?" I asked. "If that's-" she began to say but, I cut her off again. "No! You can't just come into people's lives and ruin them. If she wanted me, she wouldn't have gave me up in the first place! She would be here, and not you!" I yelled. "That's what I'm here for Hon. I'm here so you can find out the truth" she said. "I was fine without it! Do you have any idea of what this is doing to me? I can't even look at my parents right anymore. I'm hurt, because the ones I trusted, let me down! I don't feel like I belong now." I said. "I'm so sorry Genesis, but it had to be told!" she said. "It's not easy holding on to a dark secret." I listened to all she had to say, I found out that my mom is in Paris, and she hasn't seen my father in years. She told me that she was going back to Paris the next day, and she would have loved for me to come with. I declined the invitation, I told her I wasn't ready. She told me she understood and left without saying another word. I got into my car, and went back home. My parents weren't there so, I sat on the couch and watched Once Upon A Time on Netflix and ate some Oreo cookies.

After falling asleep, I woke up to my parents walking in. "Hello." I said rubbing my eyes, "Hello dear" my dad said, "how was your lunch date?" he asked. "It was okay..." I said, hoping  he wouldn't ask for more details. "Well, how is she?" he asked. "Cool, I guess. She looks just like me" I answered. My dad smiled, "When is she leaving?" he asked. "Tomorrow."

"Oh, okay" he said as he went into the kitchen. I got up and cleaned off the table and went in my room, I started to look at my calendar to see when I was going to Paris for the concert, I had just a few more days to pack. I marked off a weeks worth of time and put my calendar on my dresser. I went to my closet and started to put outfits together, "One, Two" I said whispering to myself as I put the pieces on one hanger. My mom came in and sat on my bed, I turned my closet light off and sat next to her. "What's the matter?" I asked. "I feel like I've lost you Gen" she said. "I know what we did was wrong, but we didn't want to hurt you." she said. I held her chin up, "You will always be my mom, your all I know" I said. "I'm doing this to put this behind me, I'm never going to turn my back on you. I love you" I said hugging her. She hugged me back, "Well, get packed. You have a trip to go on in a few days" she said as she smiled and left my room.


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