Genesis Arianna Anderson is a 18 year old girl. She just recently finds out she is adopted.
Her "parents" aren't telling her who her mother and father is. So she takes matter in to her own hands. Who are Her Real Parents?
Why didn't they want her?


13. Let The Truth Be Told

2 days has passed and we have done so much here, and it's so much fun! The town is beautiful and lit with lights, the food is AMAZING as well! I asked Ken if we could go to his Uncle's house to get some more information about my mother. He said yes but, Sabrina wasn't okay with the idea. "But, I had lunch planned for us Ken." she whined. "Well, this was already planned. Maybe you could come." He replied.  "No, I don't want to go looking for some lady who doesn't want to be found! If she gave her up, she gave her up." she said. "Sabrina that's enough." Ken said. "No, because you know what Ken I am so sick of it! Im sick of hearing Oh Gen this and Gen that. This trip is not about her and her issues. No one cares about them, if she didn't want you then she doesn't want you now. So drop it Genesis, let the rest of us enjoy our trip instead of being so selfish." She fussed.

I stormed out of the lobby with tears in my eyes, "What the heck Sabrina!?" Ken yelled as he fetched after me. I began walking away until Ken ran up to me, "What ever you have to say Ken, I don't wanna hear it." I cried. "Look Gen, I'm sorry ok. That was uncalled for and mean. But, I promise she's just upset she's no-" He began to say, "You know what Kennedy save it alright! If you just came here trying to defend your girlfriend then you can go. I see that I am a problem and that I should just go somewhere else. Apparently you can't see that Sabrina is just what everyone says she is a mean spoiled brat! Why can't you see that?! What more damage does she need to cause for your eyes to open up to her true colors?" I cried. "What do you want me to do?" he asked. "Nothing, because I didn't ask for your help. I can find her on my own!" I said as I got my bags out of the trunk of the car. "Where are you going?" he asked. "Away from here!" I said walking off. "Dude, her dad's gonna kill you man" Rico said. I walked to the nearest bus stop and payed my way to the downtown part Paris. 

I got a call from Ken, and I ignored it. I began walking until I walked upon a Christian book store, I walked in and looked around, "Can I help you with something miss?" a woman approached. "Um, no just looking." I replied. "Well, let me know if you need any help!" she said walking back to her work station. I wandered over to the Music section and saw many CD's. I saw a few of Ray's albums and I curiously looked for my mother's name. "Janice Michel" I whispered to myself as I rolled my fingers through the name tags. "Got ya!" I grabbed the album out of the case and began to examine the cover. She is a pretty lady, hazel eyes, short dark brown curly and frizzy hair just like mine. She even has freckles on her nose! I began to match my features with her's, until the cashier came up to me again. "That's a popular one around here" she said smiling as she stocked some CD's unto the shelves. "How old is it?" I asked. "I believe that's the latest." she said looking at the cover. 

I purchased the CD and made my way to the nearest cafe. I ordered a coffee and sat down, I took the album out of the bag and broke the sealing tape. I opened the case and took the CD cover out, I opened it and took a look at the Thank You section. It stated that she is married and has 3 children. Samia Francis, Jaden Francis, and Princeton Francis Jr. I closed the CD and placed it back into the bag and sipped my coffee until I got ready to leave.  I rode the bus back to the hotel and found Ken in the lobby. I tried to walk past him, but he stopped me. 

"Hey!" He hugged me. "Hi..." I said softly not hugging him back. "I was worried about you! I couldn't find you anywhere, don't ever scare me like that again." he cried. "Why do you care?" I asked. "I care about you. I know you may feel like no one cares right now but, I do. I'm here for you and I'm here to help." he said. "Ken, you can't choose my problems over someone you love..." I said. "I'm not... your my best friend and I love you, so I'm gonna help you. Me and Sabrina aren't on good terms right now and that's ok with me. We said we were gonna take advantage of this trip to find your mom and that's what we are gonna do." he replied. I looked down and started to bite my nail, "Thanks." I whispered. "Your more than welcome." he said. "Well, good night....." I said as I walked away. "Night" he replied. 


A/N: Hey Dolls! If you can't pronounce Samia it's (Sa-MIA) not Miyah but Mia. :) Favorite and Add if you want to read more! :P


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