Genesis Arianna Anderson is a 18 year old girl. She just recently finds out she is adopted.
Her "parents" aren't telling her who her mother and father is. So she takes matter in to her own hands. Who are Her Real Parents?
Why didn't they want her?


6. December 17

A week has past since, the Adoption Agent stopped by, I believe my parents did give that lady a call. I have no idea why, we've been with them all of our lives! I see no reason why they would be giving us away now. 


I began to turn on the T.V when my mom told me to come downstairs, I got out of bed and went down stairs to see Mrs. Hawkins! What does this lady want?! I'm not leaving my home or my parents, she can just forget it! My facial expression said what I was feeling apparently, because my mom nudged me my arm and gave me the signal to smile. I gave a fake smile, and sat on the sofa. "Hello, Genesis how are you?" Mrs. Hawkins asked. "I'm fine, thank you" I said. She began to ask me personal questions such as, am I sickly and did I do drugs and other things like that. "No" I said, "But, I would like to know what's this all about.." I said getting serious. "Genesis, do you ever recall hearing about a Jourdan Michel?" she asked. "No, what about her?" I asked. "Look Genesis, from the moment we laid our eyes on you, baby you were ours." my mom said as she began to cry dramatically. "Wait, what?!" I said in shock. "Honey, we adopted you when you were three months old" my dad butted in. I was speechless, I could feel my cheeks getting hotter by the second. Steaming tears began to roll down my face. I began to choke on my words, "You.....You lied to me?" I asked. "We didn't want to hurt you" my mom said. "So, what is this?! Either way I'm still gonna hurt Mom!" I yelled. "Were you ever going to tell me?" I asked. "We felt like, you never felt a difference between you and Jacob so, we decided not to say anything" My dad said. "Well why now? Why are you telling me this?" I asked crying. "Because, she's looking for you." Mrs. Hawkins said. "Who?....Jourdan?" I asked. "Yes," Mrs. Hawkins replied. "Who is she?" I asked. "She's your Aunt. Apparently she has got in contact with your mother and Ms. Michel would like to meet with you." she said. "Where is she?" I said. "She's visiting from Paris, France. She will only be here for a short amount of time, so shall I schedule a date?" She asked closing his notebook. "I'm not in the mood for this" I began to get up and walk away. My mom softly touched my arm. I jerked away, "Don't touch me" I said with tears in my eyes. I ran upstairs to my room and slammed the door. I began to run my fingers through my hair, while my tears were streaming down my face. I couldn't believe this! I'm adopted? I'm also French!? I don't even speak French! All of these thoughts were running through my mind. I began to think upon all of the lies, that were told to me. "Oh, Gen darling you look so much like your mother." lie after lie began to fill my mind. I laid on my bed as I started to cry terribly. Jacob knocked on my door and peeked in "Whats the matter Gen?" he asked. "Nothing, just get out!" I said. I could tell by the look in his eyes that I startled him. He slowly closed the door as he left. I just couldn't believe this was happening! After, 18 years I've been living with strangers?! I started to feel as if I'm losing myself.....I don't know who I am now. How could this be?! 


Authors Note: Alrighty! So, this chapter is short, idk why something said to end it right here so, yeah I'm going to listen lol. Comment below if you liked it, and what do you think will happen next! Bye!

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