Genesis Arianna Anderson is a 18 year old girl. She just recently finds out she is adopted.
Her "parents" aren't telling her who her mother and father is. So she takes matter in to her own hands. Who are Her Real Parents?
Why didn't they want her?


10. Conversations in the Lobby

Once we got to the hotel everyone took their luggage out of the trunk and stretched. "Kennedy, would you be a doll and help me with my luggage?" Sabrina asked. I rolled my eyes and walked past her rolling my suitcases to the lobby entrance. "Sure." He said as he took her luggage and followed behind, "Alright guys, I got the keys to the rooms...Rico with Ken" Ashton said. "Um, shouldn't I be with Ken?" Sabrina asked. "Uh, no Sabrina. That would be....inproper" Ashton said pushing his glasses up against his nose. "As I was saying, Ken with Rico, Genesis with Sabrina and of course Alexis with me since we are siblings." Ashton said handing out the key cards. "Great, so goodnight everyone" Sabrina said as she stomped her way to the room. I walked along the side of Ken and we began to talk. "Well, that should be fun..."Ken said sarcastically as he stopped to face me. "Yeah, I don't think so" I said watching Sabrina as she put her suitcase on a bed. Ken chuckled, "Well, get some sleep. We have a long day ahead of us tommorow." He said smiling. "Good Night" I said as I smiled. "Good Night Princess" he said as he bowed and slowly walked off. I chuckled and went into the room closing the door behind me. I guess Sabrina was listening because she had a disturbed look on her face. I got my bed clothes out and went in the bathroom and put on my unicorn onesie and then I got into bed. "Pretty childish don't you think?" Sabrina asked. "Excuse me?" "A onesie....you don't really think Ken would fall for that do you?

"Well actually Ken bought me this for my birthday and he has a black one to match. I said fluffing out my pillows. "Whatever. Just don't ....don't mess this trip up." She said turning her lamp off. "You know what Sabrina, you really need to get over yourself. Your trying to act perfect for Ken, but your just an evil witch and one day he will see who you really are. So, don't you ruin this trip. Push your envy aside and let everyone else enjoy Paris. K?" I replied turning my lamp off and lying down. She giggled "Your trying to catch someone whose already been caught dear."

The rest of the night fell silently, I couldn't go to sleep so I went down to the lobby and made some hot chocolate. I sat on the couch and sipped from the cup. I heard footsteps so I turned around to see who was coming, it was Ken. "Hey, thought you were asleep." I said, "Got thirsty." He replied getting a drink from the vending machine. "Oh."

"Why are you up so late?" He asked siting next to me. "You never get sleep when your in the same room with a devil child." I said stirring my drink. "Thats not nice G." he said. "I'm just saying. She's mean, I can't believe you cant see that." "Are you gonna make this whole trip about her?" He asked. I could tell his mood changed, it seems like he was on defense or something. "No, I was ju-" I began to say but, he cut me off, "Ok, then." He said.

"Um, what's your problem?" I asked. "Nothing. I just don't like these type of conversations."

"Is there something your not telling me Ken?" I asked. He looked down and up at me again. "Gen, Sabrina and I.....have been together, for some time now." He answered. "What?" I said. I was hurt, this is going to change everything! "I was going to tell you, but I knew you didn't like her so."

"What's that suppose to mean? She hates me also!" I said, "We would do anything for you G." He said. "Sure, whatever." I said. "I can't believe you would...." I began to say. "Can't believe I would what?" He asked. "I just always thought that you would choose someone else..." I said as I looked down. "That someone never came, I guess." He said. "Maybe, that someone....has been right in front of you the whole time." I said. I felt a tear slowly fall down my cheek, Ken lifted my chin. "What is it?" He asked turning soft. "I just....I just don't want you to get hurt." I said wiping my face. He smiled, "I'm going to be ok."

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