It was a normal summer until a man who calls himself 'noodles' changed it all....


4. The Escape

      When the man came to wake us up I did not wake up instead i just hid my head the sheet i was covered up with and faced the opposite wall and waited until he opened the cell. When he did open the cell door and walked over to wake me up I made my move.

     He went to roll me over and I punched him in the face.

"You piece of sh....." he said but was interrupted by me pulling the pistol from his holster and shooting him in the head.

     The rest of the group looked at me in disgust.

"What's done is done it was him or us" I said dragging the mans body out of the jail cell.

"Lets at least give him a proper burial" Caleb said trying to put everyone's mind at ease.

      So later on that day we buried him properly  but the smell of the bodie had started to attract zombies from at least 10 blocks down. So we hid on the roof of the police station and waited until they got near the grave and took them out one-by-one. We used a lot of ammo on that shoot out and started to head towards the weapons store to stock back up.

     When we got back the group decided we needed to find a holdout shelter, everyone agreed on the police station so as we went to go get supplies to barricade the building we saw something in the distance that looked like a car.

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