It was a normal summer until a man who calls himself 'noodles' changed it all....


1. The Beginning of The End

     It was a normal summer until one man who goes by the name of 'noodles' changed everything.....

     It was a normal summer day I was hanging out with my friend's Caleb Ericson, Andrew Robinson, and Nick Pollock. We were at my house outback shooting guns celebrating the beginning of school break when a man walked on to the range, he was mangled and had part of his face missing. Andrew approached the man as we stayed back with our guns.

     "Are you okay sir" Andrew asked as he approached the man.

     The man replied with a grumble and started to chase Andrew down!

     When andrew moved out of the way we started shooting the man repeatedly but he did not die and started to get back up off of the ground! NIck then shot him in the head and the man did not get back up. We then went into the town of Scott to look for some answers to what just happend only to find nothing. Except for supplies on the store shelves so we went back to my house only to find nobody home. Later on that day we grabbed some backpacks and our guns to go back to the store and get some supplies, we took anything useful and hit the road towards the town of Van Wert. We found a car along the road with all four doors wide open and the key in the ignition, we were about to take the car and leave when all of a sudden we heard something in the trunk.

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