It was a normal summer until a man who calls himself 'noodles' changed it all....


2. Stocking Up

     The group go around the car to the trunk and aim their guns at it and I opened it only to find a man who is bound by his arms and legs. We drag him out of the trunk and onto the road all he tells us is that his name is Devon Bill a.k.a. Noodles and that he needs to get to town. We loaded into the car and drove into town only to find chaos and madness, there were people running around and eating other people, there were dead bodies twitching and getting off of the ground. As we drive through the mass of people we don't even know what to call we were disgusted by how vicious they were. 

     Our first instinct was to go to the weapons store, so we did and we were surprised to find no zombies there so we easily stocked up on ammo and weapons. After we left the weapons store we saw that we were low on gas and went to the gas station, but then we remembered that you need money to pump the gas so we made nick grab a wallet from a dead mans hand. The body had been rotting so long that the man's hand came off with the wallet Nick was so disgusted he had to go throw up. We took the credit card from the wallet and scanned it luckily the dead man had enough money in his banking account to get a full tank of gas.

     Our next idea we had in mind was to find a good fortress so we went to the police station only to find a lot of zombies waiting for a fight so we got on the roof of the nearest building and mowed them down with our guns. We went inside and found a stash of ammo, guns, kevlar vests, food, water, pretty much everything we would need 

"Looks like there was a group of survivors here" I said

And just as i said that I felt the barrel of a gun press against my head.

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