It was a normal summer until a man who calls himself 'noodles' changed it all....


7. Losing is Not an Option

      We were headed to get some supplies from the hospital, but there was a twist to it. When we got there all we found were more zombies, to many to fight off. We didn't know what to do there was to many of them to fight off and we couldn't return to the base empty handed. We decided we would have to take a risk we rigged up the car with some c4 and threw a couple of flammable barrels in the back along all the other explosives we had, we jammed a metal pipe into the steering wheel to keep the car going straight. once we all agreed that this was a horrible idea we took a cinder block laid on the gas pedal and ran for cover. When the car hit the doors we detonated the c4, and there it was.


     There went our car and our entrance. The explosion took care of one problem but caused another one. For one it blew the door up so the was just a big hole in the wall for the zombies to just walk right in, and we attracted zombies. We sent Caleb to find a car and me and Nick went to get some meds.

     When we went into the hospital we found some morphine, along the way we grabbed some other useful supplies. When we got back out Caleb was driving a car towards the hospital, but something seemed wrong he was driving towards us at a very high speed when he arrived we got in and he told us as we were heading back to base that he had seen a group of survivors take Andrew. when we got back there was no trace left but the destruction of our barricades and an empty cell that andrew was in. 

"Why did we have to leave the keys hanging on the wall" I said angry at myself.

      We were about to go back to the car and start searching around town to see if we could find the group that took Andrew, until we heard a car pull up outside.

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