It was a normal summer until a man who calls himself 'noodles' changed it all....


3. How it All Began

     The man told us to lower our weapons onto the ground and we obeyed for our safety. He then picked up our guns and threw them to the side, then he` tide us up and put us in jail cells, Devon, and I in one cell and Nick, Andrew, and Caleb in the other cell. We have not seen the mans face yet, he is wearing a mask that makes him look like one of the zombies, witch none of us understand, the zombies will attack him anyway. Later that night Devon woke me up for something i would have never expected.

     "What did you wake me up for!" I said angrily to him.

     "I need to tell you something" Devon said in a low suspicious voice.

     He then went on for hours telling me about how all of this mutating and chaos started. And this is what i learned.....

     Devon is one of the scientists who started this mess. It all started with a cure for cancer (just let me remind you this is 2025 A.D.) the cure was supposed to reset all of the cells in the patients body, but in stead of the patients cells coming back online normally they woke back up with nothing in mind but a taste for human flesh. And the patient was not restrained so it bit them and started to eat them alive and Devon hid until he had a chance to escape. He was the only survivor. The mutation then got spread to the town nearby the facility witch was our town. He told us the mutation travels through the bite, and it takes only about a minute for someone to turn into one of those mindless beasts.

     That morning the man who had put us in the jail cells told us to wake up and get ready to be fed to the zombies. But of course i did not want to let the team down so I had come up with a plan that night.

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