It was a normal summer until a man who calls himself 'noodles' changed it all....


5. An Old Friend

"Everyone get to the roof NOW and lock the doors!" I said trying to rush everyone inside.

     The car was approaching at a very high speed and turned the corner towards the weapons store. We finished barricading the base and were going to get more ammo and guns, along with some food. First we went to go get the food and when we got to the supermarket it was crawling with zombies. So we turned around and went to go get the guns first, when we got there the car that we saw earlier that day was parked out front. He must of heard us pull around the corner since he came out with his gun lowered. It turns out he was one of our friends from school, Brad but as soon as we got out of the car to go greet him, a zombie jumped off of the roof and ripped out part of his neck!

"Brad" we all yelled out as we unloaded our clips of our guns into the zombie.

     We didn't have enough time to bury him since our gunfire attracted a horde the size of half of Middle Point! Everyone ran into the gun store and grabbed the biggest  gun's we could find and prepared for the worst. I ran outside and parked the cars up against the doors to help barricade it. once we were all on the roof we hid and waited until they charged at the doors.

     We stood up and started shooting down at the horde killing one after one. They started to climb on top of the cars trying to get on the roof. They eventually started to climb on top of each others bodies. One of the zombies got onto the roof and charged at us.

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