The New Game

Bradley just wants a new video game... but when a portal to another dimension opens, can he escape?


1. The game

"Please mom?", asked Bradley Johns. "No, Bradley. You'll just have to deal with it", said Bradley's mom, Jessica. "But mom... I just want the GAME!", said Bradley." No need to shout", said Jessica. "Just get some money." Money. That was a big problem. Bradley hated that word. So, Bradley just waited 'till Christmas, like his mom had said a few days ago. It was a long wait(two weeks), but Bradley could handle it. Yes! It was Christmas morning, and Bradley rushed downstairs like a bullet. He spotted a thin, disc holder like case. He tore the wrapping paper to shreds, and...YES!!! It was the game he'd asked for!(Four months later...) Bradley was playing the game, and suddenly his game console started jerking around and making weird noises. "What the heck?" said Bradley. He started to back away. The game console started to glow a bluish glow. Suddenly, the game console burst open and a blue portal appeared."Woah..." said Bradley.


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