Unexpected Love

Jessica Chance is Stevenson High's residential good girl. She has never even been in trouble. But, what happens when she starts hanging out with bad boy, Alexander Ludwig, and his group of delinquents? Read to find out.


1. Fascinating.

I arrive at the school twenty minutes early. I usually arrive early so that I can get some extra studying in. I would study at my house, but with my abnoxious older brother screaming at the television it's hard to focus. I go to my locker and get my books that I am going to need for my first three periods. As I walk down the main hallway, something in the courtyard catches my eye. I stop and look out the large glass window to see Alexander and his band of misfits heading towards the out of bounds area. I quickly make my way out to the courtyard.

"You aren't supposed to go in there and you know it." 

Alexander turns around and smirks at me.

"What? Are you gonna tell on me, Princess." 

With that he turned back around and disappeared. I slowly start walking towards where the boys had stood. I just reach the gate when I get stopped by a voice.

"Miss Chance! Come here right this instant!"

I turn to see a red faced Mr. Thompson, the algebra teacher. I hurry over to him and am about to explain why I was over there , when he pulled a red slip out of his binder and handed it to me.

"Today, three O'clock. I expected more from you Miss Chance" 

I look down at the ground, listening to his retreating footsteps. i don't undderstand what had come over me. Those boys are arrogant and blood boiling, but fascinating at the same time. But Alexandr is the most fascinating of them all.


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