Hi! I'm Alexis Justice Nicole Garcia. I am Puerto Rican. I live with my mom and step dad. My dad died when I was young. I think my step dad has a crush on me. My life turns around. Then I meet the perfect gut. So I think.


3. Mindless Behavior? Pt. 1

Alexis POV

It's been a day since I got raped by my stepdad. I can't tell my mom. He threaten to kill me. Right now I'm getting ready for school. I put on a light blue sweater, black and white designed tights, black Uggs, and my black scarf. I hopped in my grey Lexxus and drove to school. As soon as I pull up to the school, I see a bus with a LOT of girls around it. I didn't want a part of it so I just walked on in the school.



Ray: Aye y'all look at that girl.

Prince: Which one it's a lot?

Ray: Dumbass *points him towards Alexis*

Prince: *Smokey voice* DAMNN

Roc: What?

Ray and Prince: *points to Alexis*

Roc: Damn she fine.

Ray: Dibbs.

Roc: Dammit Ray.

Ray: Haha.

Walter: Y'all ready?

All: Yeah


They walk in the school and girls are trying to grab them. They are screaming "RAY/ROC/PRINCE I LOVE YOU". They walk in the school.

Ray: *sees Alexis at her locker* *walks up to her* Hey.

Alexis: *sees Ray* Hi!

Ray: I have noticed you from all the other girls

Alexis: And that means?

Ray: You are really beautiful. I never knew a girl can be so beautiful. 

Alexis: *blushes*

Ray: So let's say we start out as friends.

Alexis: I'd like that *smiles*

Ray: You have a really beautiful smile.

Alexis: *blushes* Thanks    


Bell Rings


Alexis: That's my cue to go. Bye....

Ray: Ray

Alexis: Alexis

Ray: See later Alexis.

Alexis: *walks to class*

Ray: *sighs*

Prince and Roc walk up to Ray.

Prince: Did you blow it?

Ray: Nawl, I asked her to be friends and--- *gets cut off*

Roc: She said no.

Ray: No idiot, she sure yeah.


They walk to class


Alexis POV


Ms. Williams: Ok class we have 3 new students.

Ray, Prince and Roc walk in.

Alexis: *blushes and looks away*

Ray: *smiles at Alexis*

Ms. Williams: Sit anywhere you like.

Ray: *sits by Alexis*  Hey

Alexis: Hey

Ray: Hey can I get your number?

Alexis: Sure. *gives Ray her number*

Ray: *kisses her cheek*

Alexis: *blushes like crazy*

Ray: Wanna hang out?

Alexis: Sure. My place after school.

Ray: Ok. *text Prince and Roc*


Text Messages:

2wice: Going to Bae's house after school.

Misfit: Bae already?? But it's cool. I got me a bae.

2wice: What about Roc?

SpiffyTho_: Got a bae.

2wice: Damn y'all niggas work fast.

Misfit and SpiffyTho_: We know

End of Messages


Ray: So we free. We can be by ourselves.

Alexis: What about Prince and Roc?

Ray: They are going somewhere with they baes.

Alexis: Ohh....



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