Hi! I'm Alexis Justice Nicole Garcia. I am Puerto Rican. I live with my mom and step dad. My dad died when I was young. I think my step dad has a crush on me. My life turns around. Then I meet the perfect gut. So I think.


1. Daddy




Alexis POV

I am 12 years old. I was in school. I got a text from my mommy.


Text Messages

Mommy😍♥️: Alexis Daddy is in the ER. He was in a car accident. He was hit by car.

LexiBeotch💥🔫 WHAT?!?

Mommy😍♥️: He was hit by a drunk driver. Don't worry he will be fine.

LexiBeotch:💥🔫: Come pick me up from school.



Alexis: Ms. Cruz may I be excused to the bathroom.

Ms.Cruz: Yes. What's wrong?

Alexis:  *on the verge of tears* Nothing. *runs to the bathroom and cries*


Mommy😍♥️: Come on. I'm outside.

After I ran outside, we drove to the hospital. We went to my Daddy's room. He laid there lifeless.


Alexis: Daddy?

Nurse: He might not make it. He is very critical condition.


The line goes flat.


Alexis: DADDDYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! *cries*


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