Windows || c.h

It's just a simple day of school for Katie until she opens the window and comes a across a brown haired boy. Both their parents are far too strict to let them out and they don't even have phones! They don't even go to the same school. How will they meet? When will they meet?


2. Chapter 2

Katie's POV.

Mom left the room and I peeked out the curtain to see Calum not there anymore. I sighed and sat on the desk to do homework. I kept getting distracted because I kept thinking I saw his figure at the window. I didn't even realize I drew a heart with his name in it. I quickly erased it. I finally finished my homework and decided to look out the window one last Tim to see a note stuck on to it.

'Come to ur window after school at 4.30 everyday and also at 5.30am :) see u later'

'Okay :)' I stuck on my window.

"Katie, come down for dinner please." My mom called.

I sat down and ate a forkful of my spaghetti.

"It's come to your father and I's attention that you are meeting with someone outside your window. Would you like to explain this?" She asked.

"I... I-I don't know what you're talking about." I stuttered looking away.

"Katie, please," She snapped. "If you don't tell us what's going on then no dinner for you." She scolded.

"I don't care." I scoffed.

"Go to your room." My dad ordered.

"Gladly." I shot back and ran upstairs to my room.

Laid back and sighed and heard a click noise. I jumped up and tried opening my door but it was locked. I peaked out the window to see Calum sticking a note on the window.

'We could sneak out??'

I grabbed my notepad and wrote 'what if our parents find out' and put it up.

He instantly saw I was there and smiled.

'They might but you have no idea how much I want to meet you.'

'Maybe not today...' I showed him and his smile was wiped off his face.

'Okay whatever you want :)'

'Im going to sleep. Night night Calum :)'

'Good night xx'

I smiled and closed the curtain. Xx? What was that supposed to mean? Did he like me already? We hadn't even met in person yet! I never said I was complaining though. I wanted to meet Calum so badly. I wanted to hear his voice and hear his laugh and study his beautiful face a little closer. I hugged my legs in bed as my stomach rumbled, begging for food.

I winced in pain as I got a cramp. I soon drifted off to sleep.


I woke up to hear and feel my tummy rumbling loudly. I looked at the clock and saw it flash 03.47. I opened the door quietly and tip toed to the snack cupboard. I pulled out a few cereal bars and top toed back to my bedroom closing the door lightly. I opened the bar as quietly as possible and downed it in less than ten seconds. Soon, I had a full stomach with cereal bars. I threw the wrappers in the bin and fell asleep again.


I groaned as I heard the noise of my alarm clock. I switched it off and jolted up when I realized I had to meet Calum. I opened the window to see him standing there in his boxers with a smile on his face and I had just my bra and underwear on.

'Just like the first day' I wrote on my notepad.

'Yep :)' he replied.

'I still really want to meet you :('

'Same... You free on weekends?'

'Parents make me study :('

'When do you ever get holidays or when can you go out?'

'When my parents are on business trips'

'Then we'll just have to wait'

'Okay. I need to get ready. I'll talk to you later Calum'

'Ok :)'

I put my notebook down and so did he. We stared at each other again. He was really hot. I really wanted to kiss his plump lips and leave hickeys on his chest. I think I'd developed a little crush on the boy at my window. I couldn't tell him though. If I did, he'd laugh. I looked at his eyes to see them still roaming my body. I didn't get what he liked so much about my body, I was a little chubby.

Calum's POV.

We were just looking at each other and it was amazing. I noticed her staring at my chest as I stared at all her perfect curves. She had a great personality too, even if we didn't get to talk too often, she had a great one. I think I'd developed a tiny crush on the girl at my window.

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