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It's just a simple day of school for Katie until she opens the window and comes a across a brown haired boy. Both their parents are far too strict to let them out and they don't even have phones! They don't even go to the same school. How will they meet? When will they meet?


1. Chapter 1

Katie's POV:

I woke up to the annoying sound of my buzzing clock. I switched it off and took a quick shower and just basically sat on my bed in my underwear. I finally walked up to the window and opened the curtains and saw that a boy across me had opened his curtains the same time as me. We just stared at each other. He was only in his boxers and he had brown hair and he was extremely fit. I smiled and waved at him and he waved back. We just continued to stare at each other until I thought how stupid this was and backed away from the window and changed into a tank top and denim shorts and I put a cardigan over it. I added some light makeup and tied my hair into two braids. I grabbed an apple off the counter and grabbed my school bag and left the house and waited for the bus.

I wondered if that boy went to the same school as I did. If he did, that would be the most awkward thing ever. I munched on my apple and soon heard and saw a yellow bus stopping in front of me and I entered it and sat with my best friend Hailey.

"Hey girl, another year of school." She greeted.

"Yeah, I can't wait for it to be over." I said putting my bag on the ground.

Hailey and I had an incredible past. We used to hate each other, then we became best friends. In year one we fought a lot. She cut my whole pony tail off. It was horrible, so the next day - with my new cut - I stole her snack and she starved. We kept fighting but then in year five we were forced to be in a group together and she finally gave in and said how stupid our fighting was. We became friends and got closer and closer every day. Here we are now.

"So how was your summer? I met a new guy who's coming to our school this year. His name is Tom and he is so hot, like, I'm talking oven hot." She said and I giggled.

"Well I literally met a guy just this morning." I said.

She gasped, "Details!"

I told her all about it and she laughed at the part where I waved and the fact that we were in our underwear. She knew everyone at school so I was hoping she'd know who he is but she said she'd never seen a guy that had huge muscles or was cute or had amazingly brown hair.

The bus soon came to a stop and we all got off. I scanned around hoping to see that boy but no luck.

"Stop trying to look for him. I am a hundred and fifty percent sure he isn't here." Hailey said and I sighed and walked to my locker.


Calum's POV:

That girl was on my mind all day. She was beautiful. I raced up to my bedroom and threw my bag on the floor and looked out the window hoping she'd be there. No luck. She clearly didn't go to my school because, trust me, I searched all day for her. I even told my other friends to help me look for her.

"Why the rush Calum?" my mom asked at my door.

"Was I rushing? I wasn't rushing. I was just excited to get into my room. Goodbye now." I said pushing her out and locking the door then looking out the window.

"Do your homework please!" she shouted before leaving as I sighed.

Soon I saw a body walk up to the window. It was that girl again. I smiled at her and she waved. I looked to the side and saw an empty notebook I was going to use for studying. I grabbed it and a marker and wrote 'Hi, I'm Calum :)' on it and she looked like she giggled a little and she left for a bit and came back and wrote something on a notepad 'I'm Katie :)' I smiled.

'Cute name' I wrote.

I saw her blush.

'I would meet you but my mom is do strict. Sigh.'

'Same' I wrote and she mouthed 'wow'.

'What school do you go to? I was looking for you today :(' she held up against the window.

'Garden School. I was looking for you too' I showed her.

'I go to Lavender School :(( how do you think we could meet?' she showed.

'Idk...' she showed and a woman which I'm assuming her mother came up to her and spoke to her and she looked like she stuttered something back.

Her mother shouted back and I hid behind a curtain as she looked out then closed the curtain. I sighed and tossed my notebook under my bed. I really wanted to meet that girl but I knew that my mom would never let me out. I sighed and laid back on my bed. Soon falling asleep.

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