Happy Christmas :)

Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall celebrate christmas whit there family and friends, the boy band, got a little "problem"when there are in the male, and doesn't know what they're family wish, Harry is worried about worrying the christmas for everybody if the not are going to get the stuff on time and things ready..Ready to read..1...2..3...GO!


1. Christmas 1,


we are the boy bands 1D and its time to celebrate the christmas. We all know that its still not christmas yet, danm! "i wish it was christmas, i waiting for the giftes, and btw i am Liam who talks." "Liam what about the family?" did Zayn ask Liam, "Ohh the are "important to" Did Liam say, and looked down, "Hahaha Liam,now its time to read, get ready :)"  Or new 1D Christmas book :D

Harry synsvinkel 

The boys sitting in living room, and i am in the bed and, in my brain i only have the word "Christmas".. My phone start to sing, 

"All i want, for christmas it you", and i am singing with the phone. But i realize that Simon calling me..Ups "Simon, what's up"  "Nothing Harry, you guys have a job, you have to do. Tomorrow you and the rest have to go down to the London and sing Christmas, in the big mall. This time i can't go with you, i wish i could, but i have works..Clear?" Said Simon, "Clear..Bye Simon" i said and close the phone. I am taking my cloths on, and sitting whit the rest of the group for telling them, the news i got from Simon. "Simon called me and, said that we have to go down to London, and sing in a mall whit songs Christmas. I said and looked around, the through i was joking, because i always do. "You not kidding with us? this time Harry?" asked Zayn "No..No i swear the god..Whit christmas i dont" i said, the was looking at each other " Hahah Harry, alright then, lets pack or stuff," Said Zayn and looked happy. I walked to my room and trying to call Emma(Girlfriend) but she doesn't answer the phone. So i choosed to text her 

Me: Hey Babe, i missed you, me and the boys are taking down to London, tomorrow night. We are going on stage in the biggest mall there.. :) call me when you seeing this. Love you

i turn my phone of, and finding cloths to have whit me down there. Hahah i find min christmas underwear 

STOOP! "Sorry guys to stop you, for reading but i am a really serious question for Harry..Harry you gotta be kidding whit me. Christmas underwear, don't you mean shorts?" "No Liam..Waait. Shorts..yes it is..Sorry" said Harry. "Excuse me? let the fans ready this" said Niall, 

--Right now in in London Niall Synsvinkel 

"London its very beautiful to buy gifts to the family. Guys look over the big tree. " Said Niall and looked surprised over the tree. i look at, harry really miss Emma. I walked over to him "Hey man, are you alright?" i said. "Yes i am fine.. " Said Harry, "Emma its going to call you soon, if not you can push me in the face" i said whit a happy smiley. "Whit snow" said harry and laugh "Fine! haha" i said. and we walked over to the rest, "Guys this place its awesome. Can wait to buy everything to my further wife(Pattie). and the family of course" said Zayn and looked around. 

Zayn synsvinkel

In the mall 

"This song Christmas goes out to all the family who cant celebrate christmas." i said. (Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y47qPyoywc ) 

"Godnight London, thanks for having us this time" i said, its my job to say things like that. "Thank god Emma, you are here..Why did you not replay Harrys text? "i asked her, "Zayn, tell harry i am sorry, that i didn't replay. Bc i was working, at that time he text me. I saw that i said that you guys was here...wait let me take a breath." she said, i saw some water and gave it to her "Where is he?" she asked? "Over there" i said, and she walked over to him 


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