Im crazy for you


4. chapter 4

Chapter 4

Lyric p.o.v

This is was the best week ever I spent time with Niall all week. I have never meat the boys yet tho.

It is saturday and I'm in my room thinking of what to were. I'm in a Pile of my close and I can't find any outfit. I think I'm just going to go as a tomboy. I grabbed my light blue sweatshirt and my blue skinny jeans. I straightened my hair and put make up on. I was puting my make up on when I got a text


I'm outside and the the boys. Eleanor and perrie are coming too :-)


Wait perrie Edwards from litte mix!?! I thought she was on tour

Ni NI:

She was but she has a brake


I'm sorry I have to fangirl..................I'm done I'm coming out now KK


Cute, see you soon

Can this day get any better I thought I was only going with Niall but I'm going with the hole band and Eleanor and perrie Edwards. I'm going to die. I'm running around my room looking for my snap back, I looked behind my door and found it I grabed my phone and my keys and some money and left. I ran down the stairs and ran to the front of the the store and put on the alarm. I walked out the door and locked the door behind me. I turned around and Niall was there.

"Hi" he said with a smile


"You ready"he said opening my door

"Yep" I said getting in the car

Niall got in to his seat and closed the door and stared to drive away.


Niall p.o.v

We have been driving for 20 minuets and lyric has not said a word he has just been looking out the window

"Lyric"i ask

"Yes" she said looking at me

"You ok"

"I'm fine I'm just quiet when I want to be"

"Oh, do you want to play a game"

"What game"she asks

"Well I will ask you 5 questions and you will ask me 5 questions who ever runs out of questions the other person has to tell the other one something that no one knows about you"

"Ok but I know most things about you so yeah" she said

"Ok well I don't know about you"

"That's true"

"Ok I'll go first, what is your favourite color"


"What is your favourite food"

"All of it"

"Really" I asked shocked

"Really really"

"Ok then, do you have any hobbies"

"Well I dance I was a back up dancer for litte mix that's why I was so happy and I know piano, violin and Guitar and I sing"

"Cool I wonder if pierre remembers you"

"I hope she does"

"Ok who is your best friend" I ask

"Well it has to be you, this little girl that comes to my shop every day, or jade"

"It's me" I say/told her


"Yes beause I'm the most hottest and the coolest and the cutest" I

"Well you are the hottest"

I like where this is going

"But jade is the coolest"


"And Marylyn is the cutest so you take part of the crown"

"Really"i said


She looked out the window and her eyes went wide and a big smile went on her face.

"Oh my god"she said

"What it is like you haven't been to six flags before"

"I haven't"she shakes her head

"Really, why"

"My mom and dad put money into my dancing and school so we never came here"

"Well I'm the best out of all of your friends so ha and ha"

I looked at her and she was not even looking at me se was busy looking out the window. she looks so cute with her snapback and her hair she is just perfect.

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