Im crazy for you


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3

*two days later*

Lyric p.o.v

I can not believe what is happening to me. I'm in my room holding the ticket to see my future husband. The money that Niall gave to got me to the amount of the money I needed to buy the ticket and back stage pass. I'm am so happy I could scream, no I have to save that for the 5th of August. I wonder what is going to happen. I wonder what he is doing. Wow I'm going crazy. Anyway I have the reseat that he sighed on the table and I have not seen it yet.

I got up from my bed and walked over to my desk table and grabbed it. I looked at it and there was is signature. but there was a arrow pointing to the back and I turn it around and there is a number and more writing it says:

We should talk some time here's my number

Love Niall xo

Oh my god Niall horan just gave me his number. I ran to my bed to get my phone and I dialed the number and called it

It rang

And rang

And rang

(A/n N is Niall and lyric is L and the * mean in the background)


L: is this Niall horan

N: yes this is Niall, who is this

L: I'm lyric the girl you met at the music shop

N: oh yeah hi how are you

L: I'm good and you

N: tired

L:oh, what are you doing now

N: nothing siting here in a car I don't know were we are going but Louis and Harry are getting annoying *who are you taking to Niall* ............Louis.........

give ........back...........hello, who is this, is this Niall's girlfriend, what's your name, are you pretty, how old are you

L: this is niall's friend, no I'm not his girlfriend, my name is lyric, I think I'm pretty, and I'm 21 and Louis give Niall back the phone

N:how did you know it was Louis and you sound very pretty and I would like to met you sometime

L: because I'm psychic and I would like to met you too

N: oh my god, no way, what is my middle name

L: William

N:you are psychic, got to go Niall is being mean...........hey lyric it's Niall again sorry about Louis

L:it's ok it was funny

N: so what are you doing

L: nothing

N:are you going to see me in concert


N:really, I can't wait to see you, what row?

L: I don't remember, I just know it's right next to the runway

N:cool, well I got to go are you doing anything Saturday


N:we can go to the fair or something

L: I would love that

N:ok I I'll text you later bye

L: bye

OMG I'm going to a fair with Niall horan.

I think I'm going to die!!!!!!(que Agnes Voice)

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