Im crazy for you


2. chapter 2

Lyric p.o.v

*Four days later*

I'm in the shop putting CDs away and thinking about what Jade said about Niall comeing here to get a new guitar. If he does come why would he ever want me, I'm nothing, I'm just a mother fan. Niall would like to date a fan but not me. I have my headphones in and the Sound was up. No one comes in here that much so I did not think no one would need me. I turned around and bumped into someone.

"Hey watch it" I said taking my headphones off

"Oh I'm so sorry" A guy said "Do you work here?" he asked me

I looked up at him and I was shocked, When I see jade I'm going to hug here because Niall freaking horan was standing right in front of me.

"Yeah I do" I said standing up straight

"What do you need" I said

"Well my guitar broke because of my friend so I need a new one" he expand

"Well we have all kinds of guitars and why did Louis brake it" I said walking to the back of the shop to go to the guitars

" How did you know that Louis broke it" he said

"Well I'm a fan and I know how Louis is with other peoples stuff"I said

"We'll Louis thought it was funny to cut the string of my Guitar while I was asleep"niall said

"Normal Lou"

"Well since you know who I I'm tell me your name beautiful" he said

"I'm lyric" I said picking out the guitar

"Like the song lyrics" he said taking the guitar


"Well I sing you every day"

I stared to blush and he laughed

"So do you want the Guitar" I said

"Well let's test it" he said siting. he stared the little things melody he looked at me and stared to sing:

You never loved your self have first much as I love you

You never treat your self right darling but I want you to

If I let you know

I'm here

for you

Maybe you'll love your self

like I

love you

He sang looking at me the hole time

"I think, I will take it" he said walking towards me

"Ok let me ring it up for you" I said taking the guitar.

We waked to the forint of the store and I went behind the counter.

"That will be $1,126" I said

Niall toke out his wallet and toke out some money and handed it to me. I counted it and it was $2,050.

"Here's your change" I said handing him the money

"Keep it" he said taking the guitar and walking out the door

I can't believe that I just spoke to Niall horan and he gave me money.

best day ever!!!

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