One Chance || l.s

Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Better known as One Direction. The hottest boyband loved all across the globe. But recently, the band have been going "downhill" when fan numbers drop and CD sales start to stop. Just when they think it's going to be the end of One Direction, the boys come up with an idea to hold auditions for one or two new members to join the band. Louis and Niall. The two boys who are massive fans of the band. When they hear the news, the boys decide to try out for themselves and achieve their own dreams. Will their idea work? What happens when things start to turn bad for the new member, Louis Tomlinson?


9. |chapter 8

|Chapter 8

Louis was sat on one of the benches, tying up the laces on his skates. His hands were a little shaky, because he was fearing getting on the ice, knowing he'll make a fool of himself.

Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry were all standing around waiting for Louis to be ready. The second Niall saw Louis tie his final bow with his laces, he was making it a race to the rink with Liam and Zayn following close behind.

Harry was about to dart off right after them, until he saw how Louis was having a bit of a struggle with standing on the thin skates. He was quick to the smaller boy's side, holding up so he didn't fall.

"You all good?" Harry asked, a small smile on his lips.

"Kinda. I haven't actually, ice-skated before." Louis gave a nervous smile back.

Harry's brows raised in surprise. "Never? You're already twenty and you haven't skated before?"

Louis shrugged. "It wasn't really a priority at the time Harry." The boy chuckled.

"Well, now it is. Come on." 

The two slowly made their way to the rink, Louis having to get use to walking in the new shoes.

Far out in the rink, they could see Niall, Liam and Zayn skating around each other, fooling around and laughing. Damn you Niall, you're going to make me look like an idiot! Louis thought.

Louis watched as Harry stepped out onto the ice, moving around for a bit. The older watched in amazement. His hands were still shaking, even more if that was possible. Harry returned to stand in front of Louis, a wide grin on his face.

"You ready?"

A shaky breath left Louis, slightly nodding his head. He gripped tightly onto the half wall that surrounded the ice, slowly placing a foot onto the slippery ground. His eyes widened when he realized just how slippery it actually was.

Harry noticed the fear on the boy's face, skating up close to him and holding out both of his hands. 

"I'll help you." He smiled softly. "Hold onto my arms."

Louis did as he said, gripping onto the thick coat covering Harry's arm. He finally stepped his other foot onto the ice, his legs quivering obviously. Louis thought that if he held on any tighter to Harry's arms, he might even cause bruises.

"I'm gonna move a little bit. Just keep a hold on me." Harry said, looking down into the bright blue eyes in front of him.


As Harry moved, Louis didn't move his feet at all, fearing that if he did, he would fall.

"See! You're getting there!"

Louis finally looked up from his skates and into Harry's emerald eyes. Wow, he thought. He could look into these beautiful eyes all day if he could. Everything felt like it faded away as his gaze never left the boy. 

But why did it look like they were slowly moving away from him?

"You're doing it Lou!" He heard Harry's voice. And that's when everything snapped back to normal.

He realized that he was no longer holding onto Harry's arms, his eyes widening. Slight panic shot threw Louis' body. He was starting to slow down, becoming unbalanced. His arms flailed as he tried to stop moving, but he took a small step  forward, causing him to come crashing into Harry's chest and tumble to the cold ground.

Both boys got the air knocked out of them, landing with an 'oof'. Louis' cheeks immediately burned red in embarrassment, keeping his head down into Harry's chest. Could this get any worse?

"I'm sorry." Louis mumbled, loud enough for the younger boy to hear.

Harry chuckled softly, looking down at the small boy on his chest. "That's okay. I don't mind being a crash mat."

Louis' cheeks reddened more, shyly looking up to Harry's face, noticing just how close they were. He could feel Harry's warm breath fan over his skin.

Their eyes once again locked, falling back into that small world where it's just them. Searching each others eyes, they memorize every colour that shined bright in them. 

Harry raised his hand, moving a part of Louis' fringe that fell into his view. Louis smiled shyly, an almost unheard giggle slipping past his lips.

It was the sweetest sound Harry had ever heard.

The moment got cut short when a loudly yelling Niall came ripping right past them, making them jump, with Zayn speeding behind him, chasing the blonde.

Louis chuckled nervously, looking back at Harry after watching the two skate away.

"Want to try again, Lou?"


Hot cups of hot chocolate kept Harry and Louis' hands warm from the chilly air around them. They were sat next to each other on a bench near the small canteen, talking about little things, Harry asking questions about Louis.

"So, did you go to the 'Up All Night Tour'?" The younger boy asked, a smile on his lips.

Louis shook his head, dropping his gaze onto the cup in his hands. "No. Not because I didn't want to! I really did... We just never really had that kind of money, especially with five kids and one working parent in the house, a One Direction concert ticket wasn't really in our budget." He blushed, a little embarrassed, slowly looking up at the boy beside him. He couldn't even afford the 'cheaper' tickets!

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. But, hey!" Harry nudged Louis' side softly. "Now you have the best view ever. Right on stage." He joked, a chuckle escaping his lips. 

Louis laughed along. He took a sip of his drink, humming at the warm liquid hitting his tongue. 

It was silent for a moment, but it wasn't awkward, more like comfortable. Although Louis was still his shy self around the curly head boy, he was starting to open up a little. 

The question that was on Louis' mind earlier popped back into his head, and he decided to break the silence. He asked,

"Does the song that you're writing have a meaning to it? It's just, i don't know, the lyrics felt important in a way." 

The question made Harry look down, his lips pursed, fingers tapping the side of the cup in his hand. After a small sigh, he nodded slightly, looking back at Louis. "Y-Yeah.. it does."

There was a small glance of pain in Harry's features, and Louis was to nervous to ask what that meaning was. It was obviously something that meant so much to him, something from the heart. Maybe he'll figure it out after Harry finished writing the song.

"Well, I can't wait til it's finished. It sounds amazing so far." The older boy smiled, finishing off his hot drink.

"Thanks Lou." Harry smiled back.

Seconds later, Liam, Niall and Zayn came walking up to them, their normal shoes back on their feet. It was time to go.

Harry and Louis both threw out their empty cups and followed the others out of the building, towards the car. 

Niall walked beside Louis, nudging his side, a smirk on the blondes lips. "So, I noticed your little fall with Mr Styles before. If your faces were any closer, you two would be snogging the living daylights out of each other!"

Louis was quickly covering Niall's mouth with his hand, sighing in relief when he saw the others were too far away from them to here.

"Niall! We were not even that close...!" Louis whisper shouted back, glaring at his friend.

The blonde just rolled his eyes, removing Louis' hand from his face. "Whatever you say, loverboy." He laughed, leaving Louis' side and skipping up to join the other boys.

Louis huffed out a breath, catching up with the others.


It was now late at night, and all the boys were laying around in the lounge room. The TV was playing a random show in the background while they all just talked about random things.

Almost everyone was yawning, but were deciding to stay up a little while longer.

Well, that was until...

"Knock knock!" Harry said.

At that point, Liam, Zayn and even Niall were walking out of the room saying "goodnight".

Harry pouted as he watched them leave the room. "Rude..." He mumbled sadly, playing with the few bracelets on his wrist.

It was quiet for a moment, until Louis replied, "who's there?" Surprisingly, Louis wasn't annoyed and didn't ignore Harry's jokes. He found them cute, even if they weren't funny. Being able to see Harry's beautiful smile brighten up his face was something Louis loved. He loved smilely Harry.

The curly haired boy looked at Louis, a grin plastered on his face. Usually no one would answer him.

Harry giggled softly, "Lil old lady."

Louis' brows furrowed. "Lil old lady who?"

The younger boy stifled in his laughs, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. "I didn't know you could yodel!" Harry exclaimed, bright smile on his face, now fully laughing.

Louis couldn't help but slip a laugh. It was a bad joke, but hearing Harry laugh was like music to his ears. 

"Now it's your turn!"

"Really?" Louis sighed, but thought of a joke just to make Harry happy. "Okay, um... How do you find Will Smith in the snow?"

"I don't know. How?"

"You look for the Fresh Prince!"

It was silent, Harry looking at the older boy in confusion. Did he seriously not understand? So, he can understand his jokes that make no sense at all, but not this one?

"You know, cause it sounds like fresh prints."

Harry's eyes widened in understanding. "Ohhh!" And then he was cracking up once again. 

Gosh, he was such a dork, but Louis loved that dork.


Sorry I haven't had time to update! I had two OTRAT concerts to go to on the weekend! (It was AMAZING by the way) And yeah, but I'm back to updating! 

This was kind of a little chapter until it gets to the bigger stuff in the next! Thank you to everyone who is reading this so far :) Please comment/fav/like if you wish!

-Chloe xx

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