One Chance || l.s

Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Better known as One Direction. The hottest boyband loved all across the globe. But recently, the band have been going "downhill" when fan numbers drop and CD sales start to stop. Just when they think it's going to be the end of One Direction, the boys come up with an idea to hold auditions for one or two new members to join the band. Louis and Niall. The two boys who are massive fans of the band. When they hear the news, the boys decide to try out for themselves and achieve their own dreams. Will their idea work? What happens when things start to turn bad for the new member, Louis Tomlinson?


30. |chapter 29

|Chapter 29

It was a nice sunny L.A. morning, and the boys, with the protection of their security guards, got a day to spend shopping around together. Though, there was a heavy feeling of tenseness between them since yesterday, particularly between Harry and the others.

Whenever they would walk into a new shop, Louis would immediately walk one way, while Harry had walked the other. When Harry wanted Louis' opinion on a shirt for himself, the boy would continue his conversation with Niall or shuffle away.

He tried later on, genuinely curious about his opinion on a pair of interesting looking boots he found. When Harry looked over in the direction Louis was at, he saw him standing with Zayn, flicking through a rack of graphic tees. 

He hangs around Zayn a lot now...

Harry built up his words as he made his way over to the two. Once he was stood next to Louis, he thought he would have gotten the older boy's attention already, apparently not. Louis kept discussing a shirt he found to his other band mate.

"Hey.. Lou." Harry didn't speak so loudly, which wasn't helping his current situation. He mentally told himself to man up and talk louder. "I, uh, found these over there. What do you think--"

"This one looks pretty cool." Louis cut in, holding up a grey sweatshirt with a patterned logo on the front.


"I think I spotted some trainers to go with it over there too."

Louis didn't give Harry any more time to speak as he grabbed hold of Zayn's wrist and started pulling him towards the opposite side of the store. Zayn looked over his shoulder at his younger band mate, a blank expression to his face, before turning away to follow Louis.

A frown formed upon Harry's face, his shoulders dropping and his hands falling to his side. What was going on?

Harry saw Liam walking up behind him, empty handed so far. The taller strode up to him, whispering almost desperately, "Why won't Louis talk to me?"

Liam jumped a little at the sudden voice, turning to face the boy with big eyes. Liam just gave Harry a look, not a good one, sighing. "Try talking to him about something he actually wants to hear right now."

Harry knew exactly what that was. He wanted to talk about the kiss, but he didn't know what to say about it himself. He didn't even know what he truly felt about the kiss. He did try and talk to Louis yesterday, but the ignoring game continued, and he knew it probably will continue until he got up and talked about it to the lad; but what was he going to say exactly?


The boys returned back to the hotels later that night, enjoying themselves in the free time that they had, because they were soon to be getting back to band work. Harry bailed out earlier though, not really giving a reason as to why he was leaving before the others. It worried Louis a little. Did he go too far with the no talking thing? Was he making Harry upset? But no matter how curious he was about his friend, he contained his tough composure around the others; looking stronger than he felt.

Saying good nights to Liam, Niall and Zayn, Louis walked into his hotel room, looking around to find Harry, but he wasn't out here like last night. Did he head out somewhere else? There were no lights turn on in the room, so he suspected so.

Louis sighed, shutting the door behind him. The shopping bags in his hands were starting to dint into his fingers from being held for so long. He kicked off the black converses he pinched from Liam's luggage at the door and padded over to his bedroom. He pushed the slightly ajar door open with his bum, not bothering to knock on the light as he just thought about heading to bed early. He dropped his bags along the wall, rubbing at his eyes and he turned to face the bed. 

He jumped, startled when he saw Harry's shadowed out figure on his bed. He had his journal in hand, his slender fingers slowly flicking through the thick, used pages. Harry's head snapped up when he heard the rattle of the shopping bags, snapping his journal closed and standing to his feet.

"Lou... I..." Harry began to say. For some reason he was almost trembling with nerves.

Louis turned around to walk away, but Harry was quick to take a grip on Louis' wrist, turning him back around, pulling him back into the room.

"Louis! Will you please stop ignoring me for one second and let me talk to you?!"

Louis pulled his wrist away from Harry's grip, crossing his arms over his chest. "Are you going to talk about the other night?" Louis said in a black tone, bored, not thinking Harry would even mention it because Louis thought he wouldn't remember.

But to his surprise, Harry nodded slowly.

Suddenly, Louis had fear running through his veins. "D-Do you remember what happened that night?" He said in a shy, quiet voice.

Harry nodded once again.

The fear escalated, scared on what Harry was going to say about it. The next few words felt like it  could make or break him. He could only hope something good was going to be said.

"I just..." Harry started, taking a small breath as he continued. "I-I kissed you..." He pursed his lips. Louis waited anxiously in the long silence Harry was creating as he was thinking through his words. But then he spoke...

"And... I-I didn't mean to... I don't know what came over me. You know, the alcohol and all messed up my thinking..." Harry apologized.

But Louis didn't want to hear an apology, this wasn't what he wanted to hear at all! He felt like his heart was sinking as he was fading back into the world of reality, not the perfect world he had always imagined where him and Harry were getting together perfectly, smiles and laughs; good memories. Instead, it was now a world of rejection, tears and heartbreak. 

Why did he even think something good would come out of this, to him? Harry's doesn't like him in the way that he does back, Harry had made that very clear now. Even after all those small things that Louis had thought were special moments or special connections between the two, it was really just his mind playing dirty tricks on him, making him think that he could actually have a little bit of happiness in his life.

"It's... I-It's okay... I mean," He felt tears build up in his eyes. "It's not like I... I wanted to k-kiss you, pfft! What?! No. no.. I mean.." Why was he embarrassing himself like this?! He needs to get out of hear before he says something more ridiculous. He turned around quickly, fast pacing out the bedroom door.

Harry was stunned for a moment, but quickly snapped out of it and followed the boy, confusion retched into his face. "Wait, what? What do you mean?"


"No, Louis, you know you can tell me anything. Why have you always been dodging the question when I ask-"   

Louis snapped around to the taller boy, just as his hand was about to touch the front door knob. "I like you!" He shouted louder than he probably should have. 

It left a silence between the two.

"More than like... actually..."

All Harry could seem to do was have this look of complete shock on his face. Wide eyes and jaw dropped. He didn't speak a word.

"B-But it's okay, because I kn-know you don't feel the same. And you love Kendall, and that i'm just your friend a-and..."  Tears finally fell; how many times has that been in two days? He looked down and turned away before Harry could see him break. He needed to get out of here, out of this thick air.

Without a word from either boy, Louis walked out of the hotel room... and Harry didn't follow.


Louis stood at the end of the hallway, beside the elevator. He faced the corner, trying to straighten himself up. He wiped away his stupid tears, cursing at himself, knowing he looked like an idiot right now crying over some silly broken feelings.

His mind would not stop jumping around with thoughts, it gave him a headache. But one thought would not stop shouting out at him.

The number! Call the number!

Hesitantly, Louis picked the small piece of paper out from his pant pocket -he had kept it on him- scanning over the neat numbers. He pulled out his phone and shakily thumbed the correct numbers, pressing the call button.

He brought the phone up to his ear, listening to it ring before it was quickly answered.


"Hey, um.. it's the guy that you gave your number to at the cafe." Louis said awkwardly.

"Oh, Louis!"

Louis' brows furrowed. "You know my name? But I didn't--"

"You're not exactly unknown around here, Louis." Adam chuckled.

Louis blushed. "O-Oh, right."

"So, eager to talk to me, aye?" The man laughed, the sound of a light bell ringing in the background.

"Something like that... Are you busy right now?"

"Nope, just finished my shift. Why?"

Louis had to think again. Was this a good thing to do? He wasn't breaking anymore of management's rules, right? Surely making new friends wasn't anything harmful.

"You wanna, hang out for a little while?" He said shyly.

Louis heard Adam humming in thought for a short moment before saying, "It's seven-thirty, but sure!"

A snippet of a smile peaked on Louis' lips. He told Adam to meet him around the back of the hotel building, giving the name and the address for the man, before hanging up. Maybe this can be his little moment of escape from the band, even if it's just for the night.


"Why didn't I fucking say anything?!" 

Harry had been mentally bashing himself over and over for longer than an hour ever since Louis left out that door. Pulling at his curls and pacing around the perimeter of the room, all he could focus on was Louis, Louis' words, and why he hadn't gone after Louis yet.

Finally, he came to his senses and stepped out of his hotel room, scanning left and right down the hallway, but no one was there. So, he assumed he had just walked over to the other boys. 

Not bothering to knock, Harry slipped into the room opposite his, looking around the area. He couldn't see Louis anywhere, only Liam and Zayn casually sat around the TV, Zayn having his sketchbook in hand. Maybe he was in one of the bedrooms.

Before he checked, Niall had passed by him, a bowl of doritos and salsa sauce in his hands as he walked around in a pair of pyjama bottoms. Harry stopped him in his tracks.

"Niall! Did Louis come over here?"

"No." Niall shook his head. "He didn't go back into your room?"

Harry held onto his wrist in front of him, looking down. "He did, but..."

That got Zayn's attention immediately. "What did you do?" He looked up from his sketchbook, sending a strong glare Harry's way.

Harry felt uneasy under the boy's look. "It's more like what I didn't do..." Harry said shamefully. "He... told me he liked me."

"And?" Liam pushed on.

"I didn't say anything... and he walked out." Suddenly, Harry's face screwed up. Why were they acting so casual about that news? "You all knew he liked me?"

"It was blatantly obvious that he does, Harry." Zayn rolled his eyes. "And now you got him thinking that you don't like him back!"

Harry stood awkwardly, rubbing his wrist. "But..."

"Wait... You don't?" Niall spoke softly, a small frown on his lips.

Harry looked at Niall, noticing his hurt look. "I'm confused about things." Harry shook his head, looking back at the others. "I don't know."

"Well, maybe if you stopped focusing and forgot about your dick of a boyfriend for one second you could start realising a few things!" Zayn stood up in anger, frustration in his tone.

"Zayn!" Harry tried to retort, but Zayn didn't back down.

"What? He is! You'd see it if you didn't only focus on one side of the guy!"

"You've hardly even made an effort to get to know him! How can you--"

"Oh, I know plenty about him Harry. And I have a feeling Louis knows all too well too."

Not only Harry, but Niall and Liam too were taken back by Zayn's words, all wondering what he meant.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked cautiously.

Zayn's demeanor softened a little, no longer tense in his shoulders, taking a small breather. "Haven't you ever noticed when Louis would become shy or nervous, or how he would curl in on himself whenever Kendall's around?"

"But, that's just him. He is shy and--" Harry started.

"I've noticed it once before, back at the house. But he never use to be that shy around new people before" Niall cut in.

"Harry." Harry looked back to Zayn, the boy getting his attention. "Don't you remember that that was how I use to be when Liam and I first met Kendall? Kendall would always have this suspicion that I was too close to you."

"Because we are." Harry was confused.

"But he doesn't take close too nicely."

Harry was all ears now, this being the first time he had heard of this from Zayn; from anyone.

 Zayn sighed. "He would make threats to me to stay away from you or even hurt me at times, tell me horrible things about myself or point out things I didn't like. Of course, I didn't have feelings for you like Louis does, but Kendall is such a jealous fuck that he won't let anyone get close to you."He paused. "I wouldn't be surprised if he was doing those things to Louis as well..."

Everything was hitting Harry like a ton of bricks. What was he even hearing? Was everything Zayn saying true, or was he just saying all this out of anger, trying to trick him into thinking otherwise about his boyfriend? None of that sounded like the Kendall he knew and loved. The kind, caring, sensitive Kendall.

There was only one way to know for sure if anything Zayn was saying was true. He needed to hear from someone else, and that someone else was Louis.

Harry dashed out of the room and into his own, looking around in hopes that Louis had returned in the time he was gone; but he hadn't come back. The room remained cold and lifeless, the shouting from before almost lingering in the silence. 

If what Zayn was saying is true... it might explain a few things, but he wanted to know for sure.

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